Why are all versions of LibreOffice so similar?

It is true that the Redmond giant’s proposal has been used around the world for many years, but there are many other developers who have wanted to get on this bandwagon. This is the case of the open source project that we mentioned earlier called LibreOffice. In fact, at this time it could be considered as one of the most interesting and attractive alternatives for those who do not want to pay for the Microsoft suite.

Its developers work every day to improve the product in every way, both functional and aesthetic. Therefore, it could be considered as a more than worthy suite to replace the popular Office in most cases. In fact, it is made up of several similar programs for the payment proposal, fully compatible, and with a very similar mode of use, if not the same.

To give us an idea of ​​what we are talking about, here we are going to find a text editor, a spreadsheet program, another for making multimedia presentations, designing mathematical formulas, etc. We can run all these applications independently once we have installed the suite in our computer. In addition, this is a proposal compatible with a multitude of operating systems and platforms. Its developers release regular updates, however, many users claim that they all look the same, but in reality they are not.

LibreOffice places great importance on compatibility with Office

We have already mentioned before that Office is the suite for the market leading productivity sector, but the open source alternative does not want to be left behind. That is why the updates are largely focused on improving compatibility with the native file formats used by the Microsoft suite. This is something that ostensibly improves both the loading and the storage of documents in DOCX or XLSX, for instance.

These improvements that come with updates and occur in the background do not affect the interface or functionality of the programs. Hence, they are practically invisible to users.

Many updates take care of bug fixes

The heads of this office suite take great care of the errors that generally occur in this type of project. Hence, a good part of the objectives of the updates that come to us periodically is to correct these. But of course, since it is not news in the form of functions or Interface, it seems that the new update does nothing in LibreOffice.

However, as you can imagine, these bug fixes are extremely important so that users can have fully reliable programs.

Some significant changes occur in specific applications

In addition, we must bear in mind that as we have said before, this is a suite made up of a wide variety of programs. Depending on the type of office work that we must carry out, we opted for one or the other. With This is what we want to tell you is that in the updates of the office suite some of the most important changes occur in a certain application.

Hence, if we do not use it regularly, we are not aware of the change, no matter how important and great it may be.

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