Why are Hermès straps special?

With the appearance of new Apple Watch and the possibility of being able to change the straps, more and more brands have wanted to create their own designs of straps and accessories for the Apple smart watch. Nike is the most famous collaboration, but if you are a lover of fashion, surely you also know the collaboration with Hermès. In this post we will tell you the reasons why this collaboration is so exclusive.

Buying an Apple Watch is quite an experience, but if you also choose to buy the collaboration with the French brand, it can be even better. And it is that the agreement of these two great brands is not only to create accessories such as straps. The face of the Apple Watch itself is also unique, as is the box the products come in. You will be able to see from the box itself that it is a different collection from the rest.

It is clear that buying an Apple Watch Hermès is quite an experience, and that is that you will be able to customize your case with the straps you want. And it is that the main reason why they are so exclusive is because you will not be able to buy them separately, as it has been possible with other straps. This is why the collections of collaborations that the Cupertino company brings out are so interesting, and that is that you will not be able to buy the accessories separately, but you can only buy them with the complete pack.

This is why they are so special

There are several types of straps within this collaboration. The first one is very similar to the typical Apple ones that come with the watch, but this one has something special, and that is that the one that comes with the model with a silver stainless steel case is the unmistakable Hermès orange. Models with the space black stainless steel case also come with a matching Hermès sport strap, but it’s not in the French brand’s signature orange.

And it is that Hermès sports straps come as a complement, but when buying the watch you have to choose another strap designed by the Parisian brand. And this is where exclusivity comes in. There are two strap options available for this collaboration. The first option (and the most affordable for the pocket) are nylon straps called Simple Tour Jumping. Various colors are available, featuring a unique Hermès design, made with premium materials so you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

The second option available, and the one that costs the most, is that of leather straps. In this type of straps there are several options available, depending on your tastes. Although the design may vary, the quality of the materials with which they have been made is the best you can find for your watch. And it is that the strap, called Simple Tour Attelage, is made with hand-treated leather, accompanied by a very elegant hook, reminiscent of the equestrian heritage of the French brand.


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