Why are there no tickets in Spain to see Spider-Man: No way home?

Possibly yesterday you were in front of your PC (or your mobile), with cold sweats and certain run run in the stomach while you waited for your moment: the one in which you could finally buy advance tickets to go to the movies on December 17 to see Spider-Man: No way home. However, you soon saw that your joy … was in a well. Indeed, the launch in Spain to buy the room passes to see the new Spider-Man movie never happened and at this time many are wondering what the hell has happened to the presale. Is there a delay with the movie? Has anyone been able to get the tickets? Some cinemas have issued statements in this regard. We tell you everything.

The long-awaited premiere of Spider-Man in December

Every Marvel fan, and especially Peter Parker, has a date on their agenda: the December 17. That day the third installment of the Spider-Man trilogy will be released in theaters around the world, a film highly anticipated by the huge legion of fans that the comic book character has and also by everything we hope to see in it.

And, as you already know by now, in this movie we will see how good old Parker asks Doctor Strange to change reality to ensure that no one knows his identity again, a desire that turns against him, unleashing a multiverse that will bring with it a good amount of mythical villains and, above all, the Spider-Man from the Sony movies, played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield – yes, we know, it is still not something confirmed by Marvel, but these heights … it’s an open secret.

With all this, it is to be understood that even the least lovers of the Spiderman They will be interested in this new film, which is expected to break a record in ticket office, especially now that people have somewhat returned to “normality.” For this reason, many yesterday were waiting like rain in May for the advance sale of tickets, something that, however, never happened. What happened?

A canceled presale

November 29 was the day set to release the tickets of Spider-Man: No way home. That day anyone interested in going to the cinema to see it could make a reservation now, thus ensuring that they do not run out of seats (especially on the day of its premiere, which will be on Friday). However, as we told you (and perhaps you have seen for yourself) that presale did not take place. The fans were waiting for the tickets to be available, not being able to be purchased in any room in Spain.

Some cinemas sounded the alarm a few hours earlier. It was the case of Kinepolis, that in his official Twitter account he announced that the presale would not be available on the 29th for «completely unrelated causes” to the enterprise.

The halls Cinesa and helmet they had to do the same, warning of the cancellation of the advance sale of tickets hours before their release and again referring to “outside causes”:

At the moment there is no more information about this incident and all Spanish cinemas indicate that they will give more information on their social networks as soon as possible.

Some believe it is due to increased incidence of COVID-19 in Spain, a rise in cases across the map that could again cause restrictions that would affect mass activities, of course, such as going to a movie theater.

Were you also waiting for the presale and were you surprised?

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