Why bars and windows appear in the browser and how to avoid it

Furthermore, in the particular case of pop-up windows, it may be due to the own page that we are visiting This occurs on sites that are often unreliable or have been previously attacked. For example pirate download pages and the like. We will see the typical “infinite window”, which no matter how much we close it, it continues to open again.

They are dangerous?

You may be wondering if, apart from being annoying, these windows and bars that appear in the browser are dangerous. The truth is that yes they can be a danger, though not always. They may just be ad-laden pop-ups that are just going to annoy us, but they could also contain malware.

On the other hand, if you see that they have appeared weird browser bars, there you will be facing a real problem. In that case it is adware for sure. It can be more or less dangerous. If we put ourselves in the worst case, that bar can even collect the searches you do or record personal data.

Without a doubt, this will affect your privacy and network security. It is important that you take action as soon as possible to remove those bars and pop-ups. If for example you have recently installed a browser extension, you should remove it and check if that was the problem.

How to avoid this problem

What can you do so that those bars and popups do not appear in the browser? We are going to give some essential tips that will help protect your browser and that you do not have any problem when surfing the net and visiting web pages. Simply by following a few steps you will be more protected.

Use security software

The first advice is to always have security programs that can prevent the entry of threats. It is important to have a good antivirus, such as Windows Defender, Avast, Bitdefender or any other that you like and see that it is guaranteed. This will prevent the entry of malware and, if you happen to download any dangerous file, it will warn you.

A clear cause of bars appearing in the browser or being flooded with pop-up windows is that there is some type of virus or what is known as adware. Therefore, an antivirus will greatly help to prevent this problem and to be able to eliminate it if it is too late.

Have the browser updated

Of course, another essential factor is having the correctly updated browser. It doesn’t matter if you are using Chrome, Firefox or any other. You should always have the latest available version installed. This will correct possible security problems that may lead to those pop-ups or bars that appear.

In the case of Chrome, to update it you have to go to the menu at the top right, click on Help and go to Google Chrome Information. The installed version will appear there and it will show you if there are any pending that you can add. The process should be automatic and it will be installed directly if there is something pending.

Update Google Chrome

beware of extensions

You must never add browser extensions without actually checking the source and what you are installing. In fact, this is one of the most important malware entry routes through the browser. Sometimes we install plugins thinking that they may be harmless, but it really is a major problem.

Our advice is to only install extensions from the official Chrome or Firefox stores. It is important to verify that they are up to date, see possible comments from other users and, in case of doubt, never install them. In addition, it is convenient to periodically review the add-ons that we have installed and look for possible changes that have occurred.

Avoid suspicious pages

You should also avoid web pages that can flood your browser with pop-ups. They are also a nest of malware and you can infect the system simply by clicking on one of those windows and downloading a malicious file that it may contain.

So another piece of advice is browse only on pages that are reliable, of guarantees, that do not suppose an added risk when surfing the net. Avoid pirate download sites and the like. It is right there where hackers can sneak their malicious files and wait for us to download them.

Restore the browser

If you see that when passing the antivirus or checking the extensions those browser bars have not gone away or the pop-ups continue to appear, you may have to restore the browser. In this way it will return to its original state, as it was the first time you installed it, and you will be able to solve problems.

In the case of Chrome, you can go to the menu at the top right, go to Settings, Advanced settings and there click on Restore the original default settings. The browser will go back to the way it was when you installed it, reverting back to the original settings and removing any extensions or even adware that may be present.

Restore Chrome


The problem with pop-up windows and bars appearing in the browser is a relatively common thing. Generally it has an easy solution, since it is usually adware that has crept into the browser itself or some extension that is causing problems and that we must uninstall as soon as possible.

However, it is important to prevent this type of problem so as not to compromise privacy and security. We can count on a good antivirus and always make sure we have the latest versions of the browser and the system. Only in this way will we be fully protected against problems of this type.

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