Why design banners and posters in Scribus instead of InDesign?

The design sector through our computer does not stop growing thanks to the available equipment and the software that we can use. Adobe offers us a multitude of software related to these tasks, as is the case with InDesigna program that will be very useful for multiple types of jobs, but that has competition.

To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, we are faced with a program whose operation is focused on the design of all kinds of documents. This is that we can use both for digital purposes as for your print on paper. As you can imagine, all this opens up a wide range of possibilities when creating this type of own projects. But as is often the case with the programs of this software giant, most of these are commercial, that is, paid.

Due to this, many users, when creating their cards, posters, posters, magazines or books, are not willing to pay a single euro. Instead they make use of other options to the mentioned InDesign to obtain good results without spending money. One of the oldest options that we can use in this regard is the Scribus software.

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It goes without saying that here we find another program that allows us to carry out the design of graphic documents, both digital and for later printing. It adapts to the needs of most and we could even say that it has some interesting advantages over InDesign. In fact, this is precisely what we want to talk to you about now, presenting some reasons for using Scribus instead of InDesign.

Reasons to switch from InDesign to Scribus

First of all, we will tell you that both proposals graphic document design software They are very complete as well as useful. However, those who are looking for an alternative to Adobe’s proposal will find here a solution that has some advantages over there it is, we are referring to Scribus.

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  • Scribus is an open source program: more and more users prefer to use Open Source software to install it on their computers. Contrary to what happens with Adobe’s proposal, this alternative is faithful to this modality, which is why it is constantly growing and we can even help in the project.
  • We save the subscription to InDesign: To use this Adobe program we will have to subscribe and pay the corresponding fee for the time we use it. However, if we opt for the other open source softwarewe will not have to spend a single euro.
  • We will not have compatibility problems: Both design programs could be considered benchmarks in this software sector. We must bear in mind that if we migrate to Scribus, we will not have a compatibility problem and we will be able to continue using InDesign documents.
  • Work with a more intuitive interface: It is true that Adobe’s proposal focuses especially on more professional users. However, the open source alternative offers us a much more intuitive interface and simple to use. This will be greatly appreciated by those who are starting in this type of design projects.
  • Multiple download options: to all that has been said, we add that Scribus offers us several versions for download. First of all, we will say that it is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems, macOS, and Linux. In addition, we will even have at our disposal a portable version that we do not need to install on the computer.

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