Why didn’t Black Widow have a funeral? The director of Black Widow explains it to us

Since the conclusion of Avengers: Endagme we always wondered because Black Widow didn’t have a funeral, but only a simple and intimate moment of meditation among his closest companions unlike what happened with Iron Man.

True, the film still had a lot to say, but not having thought of any funeral services in common for Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff left Marvel fans quite sorry to see the heroine almost forgotten.

Why didn’t Black Widow have a funeral?

The answer to this sort of “low profile”, which began after Natasha’s death on Vormir and continued in the finale of Black Widow, the director of the latest MCU film currently in cinemas gives it to us.

From now on spoilers about Black Widow will follow, so continuing with the reading of the article you will do so at your own risk.

Cate Shortland explained to Variety that the choice not to show Natasha’s funeral, not even in the standalone film dedicated to Black Widow, was made in accordance with the will of Scarlett Johansson, extraordinary interpreter of the Marvel superhero:

Scarlett told me about it and told me that her character would hate a public funeral. So it seemed perfect to me to choose to show only his tomb, a simple gravestone, in a very intimate and private place.

The Black Widow post credit scene, in fact, shows us Yelena (Florence Pugh) who visits the place where Natasha is buried, the same place where Black Widow’s biological mother probably rests. Yelena approaches the tombstone which shows a simple and touching epigraph: “Natasha Romanoff – Daughter, Sister, Avenger”.

It is curious to recall how there is an alternate scene in Avengers: Endgame of the crime on Vormir, with the sacrifice of Hawkeye, although the writers of the film have revealed that the female members of the cast have pushed for it to be Black Widow to be sacrificed:

A number of actresses and crew members, when we said, “Hey, we thought we were going to kill Hawkeye,” they immediately retorted, “No, don’t! Do not deprive her of this! ». At that point we got a lump in our throats because we would never have had such a conversation if Hawkeye had died.

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