Why do MSI laptops break so easily?

Buying a new laptop is never an easy decision, since beyond the budget and the technical specifications there are other factors that we must take into account, such as the warranty, the technical service / SAT or the general quality, since no one wants to spend a fortune on a laptop to last a couple of years, nothing more. In this regard, the manufacturer M: YES It has a reputation that, although it is one of those that sells the most in terms of quantity, it is also one of those that gives the least in terms of quality, and its laptops are the ones that give the most problems. Why is this so?

In the last few months we have seen literally hundreds of complaints regarding the build quality of the msi laptops, and not only in Reddit or similar but also in the official forums of the company, where they have not finished giving a satisfactory answer for the client. The fact is that the problems are multiplying and more and more MSI notebooks are having problems… What’s going on?

The qualities in MSI laptops

A laptop is designed (or should be) to be carried around, allowing the user to play, work or simply enjoy their leisure time anywhere. All laptops have a hinge that separates the screen from the body of the device, with the aim that when not in use it can be carried more easily, and it is precisely here where MSI laptops are giving more problems: in the hinges.

From what it seems, there are dozens and dozens of users who are complaining that their MSI laptops are giving them problems with the hinges, because they either end up detaching or the eyelash breaks that joins the plastic of the cover with the metal of the hinge itself, causing in all cases an abnormal behavior when opening and closing the laptop lid, leaving it out of square even in the worst cases.

Broken MSI laptop hinge

MSI is a manufacturer that sells a lot, and if so, it is because it offers gaming laptops with some very interesting technical specifications at quite competitive prices. Sure, if they can do this it is because they sell large quantities of units, but also because obviously, they skimp on the quality of the components they use (in this case, it seems like poor quality plastics), resulting in problems almost generalized that we are talking about.

You have to be very careful with this, since a hinge in poor condition can cause more serious problems, such as the screen breaking if the cover is not square and rests where it should not (if you look closely, almost all of the Laptops have rubber inserts so that the keyboard does not touch the screen with the lid closed, but if this lid is not deposited on the rubbers, we could run into these problems). In some cases, in fact, the breakage of the plastic has been such that the screen frame has completely detached.

At the moment no quality problems have been reported in MSI notebooks beyond the hinges and the overall robustness of the device (that feeling that you get simply by holding the device with your hands, when it is of good quality it feels solid and robust, but if the exterior plastics are bad it is something that is noticeable), something that users who have the laptop always open and fixed in the same place they will not notice but, who buys a laptop to have it fixed and can buy a desktop PC?

Does the warranty cover a hinge breaking?

MSI laptop problems

Of course, if a user has bought an MSI laptop and has found himself in the position that, within the warranty period, a hinge has been damaged, contact the company’s technical service. However, whether the manufacturer accepts it or not depends on many factors, since they could claim that has been broken by normal use device (as a wear element, as in cars), although normally no hinge should be broken by opening and closing the lid of the laptop a few dozen times.

If this is your case and the laptop is still in its first year of warranty, our recommendation is that you get in touch directly with the store in which you bought it so that they are the ones who manage the guarantee, as the law dictates it. And it is that the experience of the users with the technical support of MSI (at least in Spain) leaves a lot to be desired, and in the end there is a good chance that you will end up with the laptop as you had it.

In this case, other manufacturers such as Dell or Lenovo They do indicate that they cover flaws of this type, as long as they have not been caused by improper handling of the device (that it has not been broken because the laptop has been dropped on the floor, for example). In fact, there have been cases where Dell has repaired a laptop simply because the hinges squeaked …

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