Why do PC motherboards fail? Reasons and solutions

The motherboard is important in our PC, since all the components communicate with each other through it. So if it fails or breaks we can no longer use it, be it a laptop or a desktop. In this article we will introduce you the reasons why the motherboards can fail and what solutions or forecasts can we make.

One of the most important things, but at the same time most neglected by users. Poor maintenance and the wrong choice of certain components such as the choice of the box and the cooling system can be fatal in the long term. What can cause motherboards to suddenly stop working?

What can cause motherboards to fail?

Well, there are several reasons that can lead to motherboards stop working and we have to throw them away. Many of them can be avoided with good maintenance and care over time and it is something that we recommend, since repairing them requires very advanced electronic knowledge that is only in the hands of very few.

broken motherboard

The result? Well, having to throw away hardware that would otherwise have worked without problems.

  • The electrical spikes and surges Sudden attacks can break a motherboard if we do not have a quality power supply, so it is important to have our computer well protected in this regard. And in the event that you live in an area with sudden ups and downs in tension, then We recommend you to have a UPS.
  • Another case is the accumulated dustthe animal hair and other dirt that can increase the internal temperature of the box. We all know what happens to a chip when certain heat levels are exceeded, its structures are affected and it ceases to be operational.
  • The artificial gases from the environmentsuch as the tobacco or e-cigarette smoke, aerosol sprays used in the environment, etc. All of them end up accumulating in plaque over time. It could be included in the previous section, but we have decided to separate it because they are different origin problems.
  • There are times when manufacturers opt for lower quality components to save costs. These will last much less time than those of better quality, but long enough to exceed the stipulated warranty time. So we can see as a type of planned obsolescence.

Your PC case is also important

The PC case has the function of protecting the internal components of your PC, mainly the motherboard. That is why it is important not only to place it well inside and to ensure that it is well screwed and in the right place. It is not for nothing, but we know cases of people who have the tower next to their feet and end up giving involuntary hits that affect the motherboard, apart from the fact that the cooling is worse.

Mid-tower types Case PC

That is why we recommend you always have the tower on the table to avoid inadvertently hitting it in the process. Which may seem silly to you, but there is nothing worse than inadvertently hitting the box of our computer and destroying some key component in the process. And please, we have said it many times, do not box your towers, this can increase the internal temperature of the case and break the motherboard due to overheating.

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