Why do we have so few macOS updates?

development stability

The macOS operating system is one of the most stable, safe and efficient in the world, so you don’t need recent updates in this regard. Since the advent of Apple Silicon, Apple can say for the first time that controls the software and hardware of Macs.


This means they can specifically develop macOS to work with Apple hardware, resulting in greater compatibility and fewer problems. Finally, the Mac is a team designed to workIt is a piece of equipment that is worth several thousand euros, so the guys from Cupertino cannot launch versions of macOS that report many problems to users. Therefore, each update has to be thoroughly developedwhich means longer updates in time.

Apple development cycles

Apple develops three-year development cyclesthat is, every three years the operating system must have compliment a series of improvements that can range from aesthetic improvements to small performance features. These cycles include a series of requirements gatheringsuch as design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance, where each stage of development It may take more or less time depending on what you want to achieve.

Once the development that will occur in the coming years has been determined, a phase of implementation and testing, where each feature that has been designed is analyzed, as well as safely analyzed as works as expected and they do not cause problems with the operation or slowdown of macOS. Finally, macOS, unlike iOS, focuses much more on major improvements focused on the productivity instead of minor and frequent updates of a more visual nature, which usually coincide with the development cycle every three years. We have a clear example with the possible new Dock that Apple intends to launch for macOS.

Apple’s life cycle and priorities

macOS is a OS who has been with us for many years, so it is possible that he has reached a very high degree of maturitya level of maturity that makes it increasingly difficult to add new features, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

yellow iMac

To all this, we have to add that, in recent years, Apple has been more focused on the development of other products such as services such as Apple Music, Apple TV +, etc) as well as Apple Silicon. Now that a stage of development seems to have concluded, they can refocus on macOS and maintain their market leadership.

MacBook Air M2

By way of conclusion, it is important to mention that even if you do not see frequent updates, Apple is constantly working on the development and improvement of macOS in the background. Always remember to keep your operating system up to date to ensure you have the latest features and security patches.

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