Why does it matter which console or PC you buy Diablo IV on?

Diablo IV It officially goes on sale tomorrow June 6, but since last Friday it has already been possible to access it thanks to the more expensive versions that opened the doors of Sanctuary exclusively, which has led millions of players to be proving throughout the weekend the superb work that those from Irvine have carried out. Which by the way, has not given too many technical problems beyond a few slight incidents on PS5.

Be that as it may, both on PC (it’s not for Mac!!) and on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, we can now immerse ourselves in the story of Lillith and move through all the acts of this Devil that experiments with a kind of open world and that, curiously, maintains and respects the entire essence of the original saga, which is good news for all those who came to think for a moment that Blizzard had distorted their franchise.

It doesn’t matter where you play it

Now, unlike other companies that do not care so much about the product, you should know something if you have not yet gone through the Blizzard box to get a copy of the game: no matter where you play it because your experience will be only one through any console or computer in which you are going to enjoy it.

This is because Diablo IV is totally crossplay and crossave, that is, that within the games we can come across players who are connected from a PC, a PS5 or an Xbox Series X | S indistinctly, without noticing the origin of their game. In such a way that we can join their groups, enjoy specific missions with them hand in hand and, of course, communicate through gestures, messages or chats where we participate.

Keep in mind that the entire online framework is managed by Blizzard itself so it will be necessary to have an active account, which in the case of consoles, before accessing for the first time we will have to link it to both our PlayStation and Microsoft ID. This is how we forget about problems throughout our journey through Devil IV.

The games too

In any case, although crossing paths with players from other platforms is fine, there is another function that is even more important, such as the crossave. Everything we do with our characters will be saved in the account, so it doesn’t matter from which edition of Diablo IV let’s play that we will keep the progress until the last one achieved a few seconds ago.

Devil IV.

That allows us enjoy the game on consoles to have a splendid 4K at 60 frames per second in the piece TV in the living room (on PC the Devil), and then take our Steam Deck, or ASUS Rog Ally, to go down the street playing a few games thanks to the PC version. Something that supposes an extra investment because we will have to buy two editions of the game (identical if possible) but that offers at least that option to take with us in mobility the game of that necromancer that so captivates us.

So now you know It doesn’t matter where you play from and where you are going to do it in the future that that progress in history will not be lost. Like your friendship with characters that have not been created on the same platform from which you are connected.

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