Why does Office consume 100% CPU when opening Excel or Word?

the known Microsoft office suite, Office, is made up of a series of programs that could be considered among the most widely used in the world. Here we find proposals such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint that most of you know very well.

They are programs that cover the needs that most users have when carrying out office tasks. Not surprisingly, we find a powerful text editor, an application to design spreadsheets, another to create multimedia presentations, an email manager, a cloud storage client, etc. Precisely for all this and thanks to the fact that their native file formats are so widespread, they are one of the best-known programs out there.

As it could not otherwise be the firm responsible for the entire suite, Microsoft, is responsible for sending constant updates to improve the performance of these applications. In fact, they have been with us for a good number of years, so experience is not lacking. However, we can find some specific problems when executing these software solutions that we are talking about. One of the most common is noticing a high CPU consumption of the equipment when executing Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.

You can already imagine that no matter how powerful these applications are, as a general rule this should not happen on current computers. In fact, this problem could negatively affect other running programs, including the operation of the operating system. There are several reasons why this may occur. inconvenience in officeso we are going to mention some of the most common.

Office consumes too much CPU for no apparent reason

As we mentioned, this is a problem that can be caused by several reasons. On the one hand, it is worth noting that the file we are going to open is large. Generally, office files are usually made up of texts, numbers and some other image. But sometimes we find some of these full of graphics, photos or even videos, which increases its size considerably. Therefore, when you try to run them in these Office programs, CPU usage can skyrocket. This is something that is especially evident if we have an old or somewhat limited equipment.

office processes

On the other hand, we should also take a look at the windows task manager. Sometimes some processes belonging to previous sessions with Office programs have been left open. This means that, when trying to run them again, the CPU consumption goes up, but the program does not finish opening. In this case we have only terminate those open processes clicking on them with the right mouse button. This is something that we must carry out with each one of those we see on the screen.

Another possible reason that we should also keep in mind is the possibility that some bug in suite. Therefore, we recommend using the function to solve problems that Microsoft itself offers us. To do this, simply open the Windows Settings application, click on the Applications section and look for the entry corresponding to Office. After clicking on the Modify button we can repair the possible problems of these programs.

repair office

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