Why does Twitter look different? Chirp font is to blame

The new Twitter design

This change is not a big change in the interface as it has happened other times. It is a simple aesthetic touch-up that affects the font, and although it is directly related to our reading, it actually hides much more visually. According to the official explanation posted by Twitter on its blog, the new source “manages to find a balance between the messy and the fine to amplify the fun and irrelevance of a Tweet, but which can also carry the weight of seriousness behind its back when necessary ”.

The result is Chirp, a font that owns the service created in collaboration with the Swiss company Grilli Type and that will become part of the history of Twitter from now on. The interesting thing is that the font began to be used in January, although only in various advertising and graphic elements, but it has not been until now when it has been fully implemented in the service.

Twitter new font Chipr

In fact, Twitter’s own creative director assured at the beginning of the year that he would like to bring the source to the product, and although he did not know when the change would occur, he can finally say that it has happened.

More visual changes

new twitter design

Another of the visual changes implemented is related to the colors of the web, and is that, although they are still similar, the service has switched to using a high-contrast style in which the use of blue elements is reduced, thus achieving draw attention to photos and videos that are shared through the service.

As they have commented, very soon there will be more colors to choose from, and although they have not specified what it refers to, it is probably some type of adjustment that allows you to select the color of the buttons or the contrast areas. Of course, those users who make use of the Twitter Blue payment method can already test the color change in the application and even its icon.

Why can’t I see the new design?

If you’re not currently looking at the new design with the Chipr font, don’t worry. As in these cases, the update is progressive, and it jumps between different countries and markets, so sooner or later you will receive it.

Meanwhile, you can try to activate the Easter egg that they have hidden with the launch, since by including the word in brackets “[CHIRPBIRDICON]”, You will receive a Twitter icon in your tweet.

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