Why doesn’t GIMP have features based on Artificial Intelligence?

Only a few years ago to obtain less acceptable results when editing our photos, it was limited to a few professionals. However, times have changed in an ostensible way, largely thanks to the software solutions that we can use as GIMP or Photoshop.

We are talking about programs that are available to practically any user and that offer us a series of very complete features and functions. However, one of the great secrets of the success of these applications, and of many others, is to offer us the possibility of carrying out complex jobs in a simple way. It is precisely on this that part of the work of its developers is based. With all this, what is achieved is to obtain unthinkable results a few years ago, and without having too much knowledge in the field.

Sometimes we meet certain assistants who greatly facilitate the execution of some effects and changes in our photos. At the same time something that is helping beginners a lot in image editing jobs is the Artificial Intelligence of some of these programs. Serves as a clear example of all this the powerful AI that at the moment we can already find in a program like Photoshop. Perhaps many of you already know that this is the Artificial Intelligence developed by Adobe that little by little is reaching some of its programs, such as the aforementioned photo editor.

It is true that Photoshop is a commercial application and for many the benchmark of the sector that is improving thanks to Adobe Sensei. But if there is an open source proposal that wants to compete face to face with this program, it is GIMP and its functions.

GIMP lacks AI, will it come in the future?

Here we refer to a image editing solution equally very powerful suitable for novice and professional users. With everything and with it, he still has things to improve in order to compete with Adobe’s proposal. One of these shortcomings is precisely the artificial intelligence that we are talking about in these lines. In fact, some users may wonder why these functions are missing.

Well, a priori we can say that for an open source project like this it is very difficult to reach the levels in this sense offered by Adobe Sensei. However, we must take into consideration that in the open source world to which GIMP belongs, there are a series of frameworks related to AI whose implementation would be very interesting. It is possible that the program developers are considering this same section for version 3 of the program that many have been waiting for for a long time.

There is no doubt that the integration of some bits of artificial intelligence in this photo editing project would make it grow a lot. But now everything is in the hands of those in charge of the project, while the usual users of this application wait for the arrival of GIMP 3.0. This is a version of the application with which many expect exponential growth. In addition, significant improvements are expected to compete more directly with the Adobe alternative.

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