Why doesn’t the Apple Watch battery last more than 2 days?

The operation of the Apple Watch is not efficient

Saving battery in the Apple Watch is essential to maximize the autonomy of the device beyond 24 hours. This is mainly due to the fact that the characteristics of the watch are not designed to consume the minimum as if it happens in other brands, which have smart watches with a battery that lasts several days. In the case of the Apple watch, there are a large number of sensors that work simultaneously.

These allow you to take the heart rate, oxygen saturation or track the activity that is being carried out at all times. Obviously, the fact of taking a measurement like this and processing it through the hardware makes have excessive consumption. In addition, the Apple Watch has the tools to install Applications that are not native, opening the doors to third-party developers. Everything always entails having a higher battery consumption, making them not able to last more than two days.

It should also be taken into account that the watch is always connected to the iPhone, and obviously this type of connection makes the autonomy diminish. This is also in addition to the models that are LTE and that also integrate mobile phone and internet connections. All this is ultimately included in the background processes that are the ones that kill the battery in a fulminating way.

How could it be solved?

When there are many processes that deplete the battery in general of a device, the main solution that can come to mind is to integrate a battery with a higher capacity. A priori, this would solve all the inconveniences since having a greater energy storage capacity would end up forgetting the charger for several days in a row. But this has significant problems that Apple is unwilling to take on.

Introducing a larger battery would force Apple to increase the thickness of the Apple Watch or size in general. But the company is currently facing a strategy in which the priority is to reduce the thickness or increase the screen ratio on the device. That is why in the short term we must forget to see a significant increase in the battery that could be achieved in a slight way with an optimization of all these processes, and also with a more efficient processor.

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