Why doesn’t your boss like you working with a gaming PC?

Whether we like it or not, we live in the age of “appearances”, where there are times when pretending is taken much more into account than reality itself (and if not, you just have to look at Instagram). Therefore, if you are working from home “it is better” to have a corporate laptop, designed for work, than a gaming PC with its powerful hardware, its high resolution monitor and refresh rate and even its RGB lights but, why?

Using a gaming PC for work is the best thing you can do

Whatever appearances say, if we are talking about having a PC with optimal performance for any task that we are going to find ourselves at work, there is nothing better than investing in a Gaming PC for it. Gaming PCs are not only about having a powerful graphics card to move games, but we are talking about an entire ecosystem focused on delivering the best performance and therefore this graphics card is almost always paired with a powerful processor and a good amount of memory High-performance RAM, which is good for both gaming and work.

In the same way, a gaming PC is also usually paired (or at least it should) with a monitor to match, with a high resolution that will not only make you see the games better but also giving you a larger work area, and with a high frequency. of refreshment that will provide you with a better gaming experience but will also make everything work much more fluidly, something that your eyes and your head will appreciate if you have to spend 8 hours a day in front of the screen.

Of course it all depends on the type of work you have to do, since obviously if you need to carry out extremely heavy workloads one workstation It will give you better performance than a gaming PC, but in that case it is a specialized device with an almost marginal market share in comparison, which, of course, is not going to cover much of “appearances” either.

Logitech gaming keyboard

It is true that perhaps for many types of work a gaming PC will be quite oversized in terms of performance, but if when you finish your workday you want to entertain yourself by playing, why not do it in the same place? And very especially if you have had to make the monetary investment to acquire the equipment.

In addition to appearances, that working on a gaming PC is frowned upon has to do with mistrust. The fact that your PC is prepared to run the latest games at full capacity makes people think – especially distrustful bosses – that you are going to be playing during work hours, something you would not do if you have a team that goes with the right thing. This is due to the natural distrust of bosses, but that is where the professionalism of each comes into play: if you are working, you are working and not playing, no matter how much you do it on a PC capable of it; that’s what being a professional is all about, right?

Don’t let appearances influence your decision


In the end, if you as a worker decide to invest some money in buying a PC to work from home but at the same time you are a fan of PC video games, then appearances do not make you make the wrong decision or you will regret it. A gaming PC has plenty of power for almost any job and it is up to you to be a professional and dedicate your working hours to it, so the final result of your performance at work will only depend on you and not on the team in which it is done. perform.

Therefore, our recommendation is that if you decide to invest in a gaming PC to work, it is something that will not only be well done but you will also thank it for the performance and the good experience it will provide you, both at work. as in your spare time in which you decide to use it to play.

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