Why don’t you see anyone in Warzone? we have something to tell you

The multiplayer of Call of Duty is one of the most important that exist in the world of video games and, also, is one of the oldest, although those of Activision have jumped on the bandwagon of the battle royale a little later than its closest competition, such as the Fortnite, PUBG, etc. The point is that its servers host tens of thousands of players every day who do not want problems, but just take a few (virtual) shots to entertain themselves.

more alone than one

This community that just wants to have fun has a problem that also afflicts other online of this type, and they are cheaters, players who can’t trust their skills for combat within the game and who resort to cheatcheats, to win the games, get rewards and, most important of all, climb the global ranking of Call of Duty making others believe that it is a legitimate job.

Activision, which always has countermeasures ready to stop these cheaterjust announced that has decided to go a step further to isolate and, in a way, trolling cheaters, allowing them access to the maps of their servers but preparing a trap that they will surely never forget. And it is that from now on when one of these cheats enters your game, he will not see or hear any of the other players, in addition to not knowing where the bullets are coming from. But the best thing is that he will be perfectly visible and we can shoot him as if he were just another opponent.

This function is called cloaking and it comes to be an invisibility cloak to be applied over legitimate players that they don’t cheat, as a way of telling the cheater quit the game, uninstall everything you’ve put into Call of Duty Warzone and log back in to win a legal contest.

How can you identify a cheater?

Activision, displaying a certain humor, has given us a very simple way to know how to differentiate between a player who does not cheat and another who does cheat to the top. And he is none other than look at whether the poor thing is circling the same space of land while shouting that “who is shooting at me?”. Not being able to see us, he will want to know what is going on and his movements will be erratic and without an apparent pattern of play. Moreover, you will know for a fact that he is a cheater because as you approach him he does not react or take preventive measures such as trying to flee and hide.

Only recently, Activision has closed more than 90,000 accounts that resorted to cheating to play on the servers of Call of Duty Warzone, as well as an additional 54,000 in a recent process. Be that as it may, measures like this to deny gameplay to those cheater is very good but it is not enough, because the cheaters will already be looking for a way to avoid this cloaking just announced by the company.

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