Why Facebook is rusty and you should ditch it now

None of that matters to Facebook, which knows that stopping that would affect your profits, since less time interacting is less likely to click on an ad.

This has been revealed by documents and statements by former workers of the social network, such as Frances Haugen, the last to present evidence.

She herself declared that “posting hateful content is the best way to grow” on the web, so there is an incentive to extend that and not touch it.

2. Facebook endangers even democracy itself

Frances Haugen Former Facebook Employee

Haugen’s papers also reveal how Facebook’s own workers have warned several times that its platform puts even democracy as a system at risk.

Used by extremist groups, stoked by authoritarian regimes, and spoiled by Facebook in the name of profit, Facebook leaders ignored those complaints and again.

Not only was it shown that Facebook served to plan events such as manipulating elections in various countries or the assault on the Capitol on January 6, it is that it served as a catalyst. Not only did he not do anything to stop it, he enhanced their visibility global.

3. Facebook is terrible for your mental health

Hoaxes and hatred aren’t the only problems Facebook creates. The studies are clear and, besides, it is also terrible for your mental health.

Depression, anxiety, attention deficit, problems with food …

Not only that, Facebook itself conducted a study on the subject and found that Instagram, especially, was problematic for girls and adolescents. Your answer? The same as ever, try to hide it.

When his own results came out, he tried to turn the tables and deny it.

4. Facebook is a constant assault on privacy

Facebook invades your privacy all the time

If you have an iPhone, you can check it by observing the privacy labels with which it warns of the data it collects. All social networks do it, we will not deny it, but the facebook list is almost endless.

Collect practically everything and, if there is a real Big Brother, that is Facebook.

5. Facebook collects data from you, even if you don’t want to or are on Facebook

Here is something that many do not know. I’m not on facebook And I’ve never been When I was told about the idea so many years ago, I thought it was the worst in the world, horrible and dangerous.

And even so, I have a profile on Facebook. He knows who I am, my name, the people I know and much of what I do. How is it possible?

Let me tell you about the “shadow profiles”.

Those profiles are of people who have never been on Facebook and they are very detailed, because They get them through the information of your friends and family on Facebook.

For starters, he found me logging in and going through the contact list of my acquaintances. He has seen me, he has looked at his data, he knows that I am not as a person in his network and he has created a “shadow profile” to start collecting data about me. Without my knowledge and consent.

Through metadata, photographs where everyone is tagged except me, information that my contacts are filtering … Little by little, I also have that profile on Facebook.

For a time, this was little short of a conspiracy theory, but no. In 2013 there was a data leak from Facebook and some of that data was from people who never signed up. The shadow profiles came to light.

But, as always with Facebook, they don’t care about your freedom, your mental health or your consent. After all, it is the people who refer to children in their reports as: “Unexploited wealth.”

If these 5 reasons do not make you remove yourself from Facebook at once, do it even if it is because it has been out of fashion for centuries.

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