Why has Apple removed the Touch Bar from MacBooks?

The new 2021 MacBook Pros, presented a week ago and on the market since yesterday, offer interesting news with respect to their predecessors. However, there is an element that the ‘Pro’ models from 2016 to 2020 do have and that this year’s models no longer have: the Touch Bar. Apple decided to eliminate it in this generation, but for what reason has it eliminated it? Will they put it back on? We analyze it.

The Touch Bar died for lack of affection

That the Touch Bar would say goodbye sooner or later and more specifically this year was an open secret that, although it lacked the confirmation of the last Apple Event, we already took it for granted. The reasons can be several, but as we already anticipated in the heading, the lack of affection by Apple and developers could play an important role in it.

It seemed a very interesting differential element for the ‘Pro’ laptops and that could have given a lot of play. There are those who love it and those who hate it, but in general terms the majority of users did not end up being satisfied with it. The fact that it removed some function keys, including the ‘Esc’ key that later had to be implemented aside, did not convince many.

Beyond sporadically there could be certain failures with the MacBook Touch Bar, the truth is that it feels like a Lost opportunity to offer more differential elements that, although they imply changing the way of working in certain areas, can compensate by offering greater productivity.

And all this is something that is demonstrated by observing the no promotionthat was given to the Touch Bar beyond when the first computers were introduced with it. Have launched external keyboards with Touch Bar for iMac it would have been a hoot to show that there really was faith in this element. But … none of that happened.

The precedent of the illuminated apple

It should be noted that the Touch Bar is not the only one that has suffered a sudden removal from MacBooks without official cause. Precisely in 2016 when this element was incorporated, Apple said goodbye to one of the most characteristic symbols of your notebooks as was the backlit apple of the MacBook.


On that occasion, as we already said, Apple did not put forward any reason when presenting its new generations of laptops without this illuminated apple. Although in the end we knew that the main reason was to be able to decrease screen thickness. Bearing in mind that at that time Apple was working hard to make its computers as small as possible, Why can’t this item return?

If we look at the 2021 MacBook Pro, the thickness has increased, being a clear indication that the company prefers to sacrifice design in favor of better ventilation and greater comfort with the return of ports such as the card reader or HDMI. Precisely the fact that these ports have returned, including the MagSafe, opens the prohibition for the illuminated apple to return. It is more desire than rumor, but that by dreaming, let’s dream.

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