Why has Jane Foster’s return to Marvel in Thor 4 been so surprising?

Since Marvel released the first trailer for Thor Love and Thunder, a film that opens on July 8, 2022, the main detail that fans have noticed has to do with the return of one of the best-known characters from the first two films in the saga: Jane Foster, that is, Mighty Thor, who returns to interpret the renowned actress Natalie Portman. However, and as many of you will remember, he was in the MCU years ago but ultimately left the franchise. Now you will briefly know what those events were that pushed the interpreter to abandon the movies of Thor… and finally to return.

goodbye to thor

It must be remembered that throughout the first two films of Thor the character of Jane Foster was one of the undisputed protagonists of the tapes but in 2017, when it was released Thor Ragnarök, his character disappeared completely only to mysteriously reappear in avengers endgame where he furtively appeared within the deleted scenes, in some of them even with lines of dialogue that he recorded but were not part of the final montage.

The germ of the problem occurred in 2011, when the actress considered leaving acting to dedicate herself entirely to her family, although all the problems began during the first weeks of production of the second film, Thor The Dark Worlda feature film that was originally going to be directed by Patty Jenkins, a director who you may very well know for being in charge of DC Comics and Warner Bros. of the films of the franchise of Wonder Woman. If she had followed the initial plans, Patty would have marked the milestone of being the first woman to direct an MCU movie. Portman, a fervent activist for the inclusion of different minorities in all areas of cinema, was enthusiastic about the idea.

Months after production began, Jenkins and Marvel decided to part ways due to ‘creative differences’and the company gave the direction to Alan Taylor, so the actress of starwars he completely lost interest in the project and only finished the recordings of the film that he had to make by contract. Although it was in 2016, during an interview, when the actress stated that she, for now, Marvel Studios had no intention of bringing her back.

What a surprise!

All this background helped to make fans believe that Jane Foster’s career in the Thor movies was over forever and that poor Thor would have to look for love elsewhere in the galaxy, hence the surprise of seeing the actress wielding Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) during the advance of the fourth God of Thunder movie at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con. Apparently, It was thanks to the director of this new film, Taika Waititi, that the actress has decided to return since it was proposed to have the actress of v for Vendetta From the beginning.

The actress, in several subsequent statements, seems to make it clear that she has settled her differences with the studio and is very happy to return to the saga. Now all we have to do is wait until July 9 to enjoy the adventures of our two favorite Thors. And hopefully this character becomes one of the company’s star superheroes and we can see her in many more projects of this Phase 4 in which we are immersed.

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