Why hasn’t Elvis premiered on HBO Max yet?

On June 24, Elvis Presley returned to the big screen. It is possible that you did not go to the cinema to see the movie trusting in the famous promise of HBO Max to release the films of the WarnerMedia conglomerate on the streaming platform 45 days after the theatrical release. Well, if you want to see Elvisyou’d better hurry up some of the sessions that may still be showing in some cinemas, since HBO Max looks like it’s going to completely break its word.

HBO Max breaches: Elvis has not reached the platform

The biopic based on the private life of the King of Rock has allowed us to see many private moments of the artist’s life and his relationship with Priscilla, who was his wife until 1973. The film directed by Baz Luhrmann reflects very well how difficult it was for him his rise to fame. The crooner of Mississippi was one of the first artists in history who had to face fame from scratch. From being nobody, he to being recognized in half the world. His fame would lead him to make multiple mistakes that would end his life prematurely. Unfortunately, an outcome that is still quite common even today for many artists.

Nevertheless, what has also allowed us to see Elvis is the complete disaster that is HBO Max. When the content platform was established internationally, the company assured that Warner films would be uploaded to the platform 45 days after the theatrical release. That time has passed, and the biopic still not appearing on HBO Max.

Blame it on Discovery

HBO Max established itself as the only ring of content platforms for Warner. Before its launch, HBO worked in a pretty anarchic way, and it wasn’t a global service. In fact, the subsidiary that provided the service to Spain worked even worse.

The unification at HBO Max didn’t fix things too much either. The transition was not completed, and now, there are new problems to the conglomerate. Last April, WarnerMedia and Discovery merged. Apparently, HBO Max already has an expiration date, and from the summer of 2023 we could see the new platform that will take over.

So what happened to Elvis? Apparently, Discovery does not share the vision of the premieres that Warner did have. Now, they will analyze case by case, as Tom Nielsen, HBO Max press officer, explained to the media:

“We continue to experiment with when we offer Warner Bros movies on HBO Max, balancing the need to give movies maximum exposure in theaters. From now on, instead of the 45-day rule, we will be more flexible and confirm the streaming premiere date of our theatrical titles about seven days before they arrive on HBO Max.

We can forget about the 45-day rule. Now, if a movie is going to premiere on HBO Max, we will be notified a week in advance.

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