Why is Apple’s Siri accused of being racist at the Olympics?

Siri is the focus of controversy at the Olympics

As we discussed earlier, the Olympic Games are currently being held in different locations in Japan. As is already known, each country is obtaining different medals depending on how the different sports develop. One of the functions that Siri has is to report the number of medals that each of the countries has when asked. But this does not happen in China, to which does not mention when this question is asked. The users of this country, of course, have shouted to the sky stating that this is a discriminatory practice.

As reported by the South China Morning Post, users of different social networks such as Weibo where there was talk of nationalist bias. At this very moment Japan had won 11 medals, the United States and China 10 medals and Russia seven. At the moment the voices were raised to affirm that there was an attack by Apple on China due to the history that has existed in recent years.

Currently the different United States powers are putting pressure on Apple as a result of the commercial tensions that exist between this country and China. Obviously, this has affected the different supply chains and also the suppliers. This has caused users to tie strings, suggesting that this is a political movement against the government of China and against the people in general.

But the reality is very different from everything that has been raised right now in this regard. Specifically, the explanation that has been given is that Siri programming was made to name a single country when there were several who had the same number of medals. In this case, States and China had 10 gold medals, and Siri only mentioned the first of these countries and not the second. This would have happened with any country that had tied for medals, although it can certainly create some kind of correction. To avoid this type of anger on the part of users, Apple has already solved it.

Apple puts Siri in second place

We already echoed that Apple is making different decisions regarding its voice assistant that is going to mark a before and after. This is something that will end up arriving in the final version of iOS 15 but that developers are already noticing in the different notes that come from the company. Specifically, a total of 22 voice commands that are integrated with third-party applications will be eliminated. This is a decision that has also brought different controversies in this regard.

With the arrival of iOS 15 we will witness how Siri instead of moving forward to be a much more productive assistant, follows a totally different path. Some options are limited that are basic for many people who want to perform actions on different applications such as reminders or banking, having the obligation to access the application itself.

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