Why is Computer Technology Important?

The modern world is deeply connected with computer technologies. Every sphere that pretends to be advanced includes high-level development and daily improvement. On the other hand, there are a lot of opponents of this quick progress. They worry about two ways of IT development. The first one is Artificial intelligence and its possible invasion. The second one is destroying personal privacy. We can’t say that their fears are unfounded.

The question of privacy appeared more than 15 years ago when the internet became available to billions of users. Turned on geolocation, online shopping and banking open almost all the necessary information about every person and his life. At the same time, AI brings changes to our lives and is not going to stop. Replacement of simple workers is closer than it seems. Movies about robot attacks scare us for a long time so we can’t accuse someone of increased anxiety. However, we believe in technology and that it defines the future. Let’s try to discover together why it is important and how it improves our existence today.

Computer Technology for Private Usage

We all do it. From morning to night we face computer technology and use it for our private purposes. Most of our daily actions are at least somehow dependent on technology.

  • Connection, media and social media. It is good to know where your old relative or child is. It is good that you can call an emergency from every corner of our planet. You can check the news almost online and watch streams to be more aware of the situation. You can create a deep friendship with a person from another continent and be a real part of his life instead of writing expensive letters twice a year. All these conveniences are about computer technology.
  • Banking and finance. Do you like to pay with your smartphone or your watch? Do you realize that making online payments takes only a few minutes and connects a lot of countries? Prepaid ordering flowers to your friend in another country – no problem! Simple payments systems and transaction history are available to everybody every moment.
  • Studying. Imagine you need to write an essay. You will use Google, your digitized notes, your online library, proofread via popular proofreading service, maybe use a citation generator. If you need to complete a STEM assignment, you will use even more computer technology related services to deal with it. One of the options is to order computer technology assignments online, using one of the professional services, such as MyAssignmentLab. Here, you can receive computer science homework help with your tech or programming task before the deadline and fully rely on experts’ background.
  • Shopping. Booking hotels and tickets, buying food, clothes and even furniture are routine for all internet users. We order, preorder, follow prices and look for sales using only our PC’s. To get your favourite pizza at midnight seems a standard task that requires some minutes. How can you imagine shopping life without computer technology? It doesn’t exist without it. 

Computer Technology for Business

Professional world is not possible without computer technology anymore. You cannot escape it if you want to do business, so it is better to digitize from the very beginning.

  • Security. All the companies care about their data safety nowadays. Those who develop products and then get patents, care about every direction of development. Spheres of medical vaccines, pills and equipment are giants who protect every thought and result of experiments of their scientists. Those who develop software are also in danger. Computer technology brought speed, hackers and protection at the same time. This system is not perfect but that is how it works.
  • Reporting. CEO’s and Heads of departments are in a haven of control and timing thanks to computer technology. They can easily estimate the quality of one employee, the team, the department or the whole company. They can use indicators they believe in and measure them for the periods they prefer. It improves planning, strategy and labour productivity and leads to the predicted results. Isn’t it a dream of every manager?
  • Quality and speed of decisions. Thanks to the previous paragraph you understand that the speed of making balanced decisions increases extremely. Online meetings became a part of every company and can gather all the members even if they are far away from the office. It disturbs private life but works on companies growing at the same time.

Computer Technology for Science

In recent years technology in science was one of the most important fields due to the war against COVID-19. It would not be possible to win this war without computer technology speeding up research and analytics.

  • Space. We believe that it is not necessary to explain that huge space calculations would never happen without computer technology. We’d never enter space, use satellites and look beyond the solar system without powerful computers. 
  • Medicine. This branch of science made an unbelievable jump forward for the last 50 years when technology started to support it. Operations that seemed impossible are daily thanks to the great equipment that appeared in hospitals. Sure, the role of the doctor is most important but all the devices and pills help him and solve the majority of standard problems quickly and simply.
  • Biotechnology. DNA researches and genetic engineering open the truth under the past and the future of our planet and people. They dive deep inside the building of the universe named the human body and find a lot of important answers. It would never happen without computer technology that takes a huge part in modelling, calculating, building models and analyzing the results.   

As you could see, IT technology is everywhere. In our examples, we discussed only simple real-life spheres that are our environment but not something mystical. Developments move our planet for global automatization and supersonic access to the whole data. We shouldn’t be afraid of them but we need to pay extra attention to the questions that limit our freedom.

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