Why is Contentsquare called Contentsquare?

But where does the company specializing in the analysis of digital behavioral data for brands get its name?

Last May, she raised 408 million euros from a Japanese investment fund. Since June, it has been at the top of the ranking of “French unicorns” (startups valued at more than one billion euros) with a valuation of 2.35 billion euros. We are talking about Contentsquare, a Parisian tech giant specializing in analyzing the customer journey on a website.

Unknown to the general public, she nevertheless works with him on a daily basis without him realizing it. What exactly does its activity with brands consist of and where does its name come from?

Everything comes from the interface

Founded in 2012 by Jonathan Cherki, Contentsquare is responsible for analyzing the behavior of Internet users on websites, on behalf of major brands.

The startup takes its name from the analytics platform it offers to its clients. It highlights the different areas of interest of an Internet user for content on a web page using colored rectangles and squares.

Credit: Contentsquare

These click zones can also be a banner, a link to a product, a simple image or a special insert set up during a sales period. Hence the name: Content (content is the analyzed area) and square (square or the way to display this analyzed area).

A complete and efficient analysis

From the moment you set foot on it until the moment you leave it, the various Contentsquare tools installed on the website analyze your every move, every click as well as the time spent on the different pages and sections. It thus enables its 750 customers, including Disney, BMW, Orange Business Services and France Television, to know precisely the activity of Internet users, as well as their browsing habits.

The goal is to show brands the strengths and weaknesses of their different user interfaces in order to optimize them for a better conversion rate (the moment you buy a service or a product).

To synthesize the various data collected by these tools, Contentsquare provides its customers with a platform called “Workplace”. Well thought out, it is easy to learn and very intuitive. This gives you access to a dashboard that compiles data tables, graphs and other synthesis tools.

Credit: Contentsquare

For example, it is possible to concretely visualize the various interactions of Internet users with the help of color zones displaying a percentage (for conversion) or an amount in euros (the average of the income generated by Internet users who clicked on such and such). such insert).

Analyze the customer journey

Another Contentsquare tool: customer journey analysis. Taking the form of a “sunburst” circular graph, this feature compiles all the data concerning the visit of one or more Internet users, in order to show which pages they have visited and especially in which order. It is also possible to choose a page as the starting point (an error window for example) in order to know the multiple routes which have enabled it to be accessed, as well as the behavior of visitors once the page has been reached.

Credit: Contentsquare

Thanks to the various features of Contentsquare, it is possible to discover what are the anomalies of a site, such as sudden errors or the reasons for abandoning browsing, in order to correct them. Errors are automatically reported on the Workplace platform and you can quickly access the replays of the corresponding sessions.

But Contentsquare’s strength lies in the fact that it is aimed at everyone, whether online merchants, large groups or the media. Its extremely intuitive platform touches a very large market, so much so that Contentsquare has easily risen to the top of the French unicorns.

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