Why is Doctor Strange 2 being filmed again?

The sequel to Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, seems not to be having a precisely easy shoot. Those responsible for the film, which will now be directed by Sam Raimi after the departure of Scott Derrickson, scenes of the feature film will be shot again until the end of this year 2021. Will the tape be in time for its release in May 2022?

Script rewrite and re-roll

They say that a minute of pre-production is worth gold, because it can save hours of work. However, the second part of Doctor Strange, produced by Walt Disney Studios seems to have stumbled on the same stone than Star Wars and its spin-offs.

The film starring Benedict Cumberbatch will re-shoot scenes during six weeks approximately. The team is back in Los Angeles and is expected to shoot six days a week so they can finish shooting before the end of the year. Time is upon them, as the film is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2022. According to some insiders, it is as if it had returned to the starting point.

The middle The Hollywood Reporter has echoed some of the opinions that the news has generated within the filming. On the one hand, there are those who think that recording again for six weeks is almost equivalent to making a new movie, right from the start. Others simply downplay it: “Even when we’re in the middle of production, Marvel schedules new shoots for us.” In any case, it is known that there have been reshoots larger in other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so there should be no alarm in excess.

Cumberbatch remains optimistic

Benedict Cumberbatch, on the other hand, appears to be very calm and excited with the sequel. He was recently interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and was enthusiastic and positive about the shoot. According to the British actor, the movie is turning into something very special.

The Covid has altered the filming plans

In another recent interview, Benedict Cumberbatch has talked about how the Covid has affected notably to the filming of the movie. With the temperature measurement and testing system, some members of the crew have been pushed aside for safety. “We have lost count of how many interruptions we have had to trust ourselves.” The movie filming began in November 2020. In January they had a big stoppage due to the increase in Covid cases and in the spring filming was apparently finished.

He himself was removed from the recording for a few days of the recording because a fellow filmmaker gave what turned out to be a false positive. Still, the actor considers that many sacrifices by the cast and crew to make the film go ahead. ¬ęSome colleagues have done the impossible not to get Covid. Those who have their children in school have even come to sleep in other parts of their houses to avoid a possible contact that would end up damaging the filming. I am amazed just thinking about it.

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