Why is it important to clean the PC inside in summer?

The average user wants easy and simple things, they already have a lot of work and family load to be aware of things adjacent to their life that should give them a plus and not a problem. But the truth is that the PC, like any electronic or mechanical device with multiple parts and not watertight, needs maintenance, especially clean up saying pc now that the summer. Why is it important to do this?

Summer is the worst season for any appliance that generates heat, no matter the family or the type of product, an ambient temperature of more than 40ยบ C It is a headache both in consumption and in sound. There are only a number of factors that we can do to solve this and one of them is undoubtedly the most important.

Clean the PC inside before summer, something crucial

And that is the best term that defines it, crucial, and more so with the weather changes that we are currently seeing where we go from cold to hot in just a few days, a symptom that what is to come will be tough thermally speaking. . Cleaning the PC is necessary for thermal and noise reasons, so we are going to explain why.

lower temperature

A cleanup every 6 months, however minor, is necessary on any PC. Helps extend the life of moving components like fans, helps generate less static electricity and this protects them and also reduces the temperature compared to when it is dirty.

Cleaning the PC in summer is a practice that will keep your components ready, always ready and with the best performance you can get according to your ambient temperature. A heatsink, AIO or custom radiators will have less dust accumulated on their fins, the fans will be able to generate more static pressure by not having particles adhered to the surface of the blades and the thermal pastes or thermal pads will not pick up dirt reducing your flexibility as the dust absorbs its relative humidity.

Lower loudness

This section connects directly with the upper one, since lower temperature will mean less noise with it loudness in any PC. But also, and knowing that an overwhelming percentage of the sound of any computer comes from the fans, taking advantage of the cleaning of the PC to grease its motors and bearings never hurts.

An important part of the sound of a fan comes precisely from the motor, those with less quality use oils or fluid bearings that wear out sooner or lose properties. For this reason, lubricating them with a good oil or even better, with a good high-friction ceramic putty will reduce this noise by a few decibels.

PC inner powder

Of course you have to clean them before disassembling them, it is a somewhat more complex task, but it really does not require much knowledge or skill. This is only applicable to those fans, be they GPU, CPU or chassis fans that do not have magnetic levitation technology, since in these your system is different and above all much longer and more durable.

In short, cleaning the PC is almost one more obligation that becomes necessary in summer, because having accumulated dust is only going to make this ambient temperature GAP a greater impediment to our dissipation systems.

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