Why is it not good to install a beta on the Apple Watch?

Apple is one of the companies that launches the most betas throughout the year, but be careful not only of the iPhone or the Mac, but of all its devices. However, installing them on the Apple Watch carries a very high risk when compared to those on the iPhone, iPad or Mac. Do you want to know why? We’ll tell you everything in this post.

Reasons why it is not recommended to install the watchOS betas

Usually, after the developer conference, Apple begins to release the test operating systems of its different devices, that is, the betas of both iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Obviously, these versions always come loaded with newssince they are part of all that testing period that both Apple and developers have to carry out so that, on the day of the release of the final versions, the operation and experience provided by these operating systems is the most optimal and optimal. possible.

But beware, the betas do not end with the release of the final versions, but rather each official release, each update, has been tested for weeks. What happens with this? Well, the most curious and also the most impatient users, like here a server who is writing these lines, many times they are not able to resist the desire to try the novelties operating systems and launch to install these betas on their different computers.

Well, the reality is that the installation of a beta, whatever the equipment, both on the iPhone, as well as on the Mac, iPad or Apple Watch it’s a tremendous riskeven more so if this device is your main device, since in the end they are operating systems under test that in some cases will fail more and in other cases they will fail less, so the user experience is probably not the best. If it is true, that over the years, Apple is increasingly able to offer more stable betas and that, consequently, they are somewhat more reliable, but we must not forget that they are operating systems under test that have a high probability of presenting failures.

However, with the iPhone, iPad or Mac, any user who installs a beta on these devices can go back at any given time, that is, they can return to an official and stable version by following a series of steps. However, this is not currently possible on the Apple Watch, so once you install a beta on the Apple watch you will have to put up with beta operating systems until the release of the final version, be it the Apple Watch Series 7, SE or any of the models. That, in addition to the risk posed by the operation and performance of the operating system, also forces you to have your iPhone run into the iOS beta in this case, meaning that if you go back to a previous version, you lose connection with the Apple Watch. .

iPhone and Apple Watch S7

That is why, from La Manzana Mordida we always recommend that, if you want to install a beta, you first make a deep reflection about all the risks that this implies, and second, if it is finally carried out, the installation is done on a secondary devicethat does not imply any impediment in the daily actions and tasks that each user carries out.

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