Why is Safari faster on Mac than Chrome?

In macOS when we talk about browsers to be able to search in search engines, we have two great options: Safari and Chrome. There are many differences between these two software, and it is more than obvious that the option developed by Apple works more efficiently than the one developed by Google. In this article we discuss the reasons why this performance difference occurs.

High resource consumption

As we have mentioned, there are many differences between Chrome and Safari both aesthetically and in performance. If we face the two browsers, Chrome has an excessive consumption of resources over Safari. This is something that can be clearly seen by opening both browsers and consulting the system activity monitor. One of the sections that shoots up the most is the RAM, something that is quite common in all browsers, since it consumes immediate memory to a great extent. But it can be seen that Chrome consumes much more RAM, and in many cases the amount becomes exorbitant.

This fact is something crucial to determine the general performance, not only of the browser but of the computer itself. On many occasions when you have a Mac with limited RAM, it may be difficult to open other programs or the heat generated is so high that the Mac fans start beeping without you doing anything of weight. Without a doubt, it is a great task that Google has pending, to optimize its browser, but after many years it seems that the solution is complex. And it is that it does not only happen in macOS, since in Windows you can also appreciate this excessive consumption of resources.

Safari is better integrated into macOS

Another important point to keep in mind to understand the stability and good performance of Safari is that it is specially designed for a Mac. Apple is the developer of this program, and it is only available on a platform such as macOS. That is why it does not need to be optimized for different operating systems or different hardware. It is designed for a very specific hardware, and in this way the The relationship between both parties is really close.

If you look at the consumption of resources in this sense, it is quite low in general. You only see a gradual increase when you have many tabs constantly open, but this is completely to be expected. The different tests must always be carried out under conditions that are normal and for domestic use.

In short, within the Apple ecosystem, the most advisable thing may be to use the native Apple option. It is prepared to prevent the operating system from slowing down in general, or from increasing resource consumption in an uncontrolled manner. Although, this does not mean that it is completely inadvisable to use Chrome on a Mac. Despite the fact that it does not have optimal performance, you should always seek to have the best overall experience, including aesthetics, functionalities or synchronization among other general aspects.

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