Why is the Apple Park in Cupertino?

This complex was built based on the idea of ​​Steve Jobs to be as ecological a building as possible. During its construction, certain measures never seen before in a building of this size were applied to take care of the environment as much as possible, since Apple is a company very committed to caring for the environment.

This complex extends over a 70-hectare estate and has a capacity to house up to 12,000 workers. It could be said that it is an engineering gem, with very unconventional buildings and futuristic designs, at the level of one of the most successful technology companies in the world. Within this complex, one of the highlights is the Steve Jobs Auditorium, a room designed for product presentations, following the dream of the founder of Apple, after which the place is named.

For these reasons he is in Cupertino

Definitely the place chosen by the company is not causal, and it is that since the company was founded, it has always been around Los Angeles. Its first large headquarters was founded in 1993 and was already located in this area of ​​California, on a street called Infinte Loop. It seems that Jobs liked this area of ​​the city and he decided to build what would be Apple’s new base of operations just two kilometers from this complex.

And it is that in this small town are some of the headquarters of the most important technology companies such as Google, Intel or Netflix. It turns out that this area is known as the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the most important areas in the world in terms of technological creations.

aerial apple park

One of the reasons for locating the headquarters in Cupertino is that Steve Jobs wanted the complex to be assimilated to a nature reserve, so I needed to have a large area surrounded by nature. And this small city had all of this, as well as being quite close to Los Angeles, which is ideal for employees not to waste a lot of time commuting. And it is that this complex is located on a street with the same name, Apple Park, since it is a construction of more than 70 hectares.

Cupertino is a small city that has benefited in its economy since, thanks to the construction of Apple Park, a large number of fans of the brand visit it and take the opportunity to see what the city in which it is located is like. The arrival of Apple in 1993 already brought the city to life, but the construction of Apple Park has made Cupertino even more revitalized.

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