Why is the LIDL charger 5 times cheaper than Apple’s? Worth?

LIDL already has a long history of products with a very good relationship price quality behind their backs. One of his great successes was the Monsieur Cuisine, a kitchen robot that had little to envy the Thermomix, and that cost them a lawsuit with Vorwerk. On the other hand, there are many people who declare themselves to be fans of the Parkside brand, which is the company with which LIDL sells all kinds of DIY tools at a good price. The latest LIDL product that everyone is talking about is the iphone magnetic charger Worth?

Official MagSafe or LIDL Tronic charger?

Does it make any sense to spend more than a thousand euros on a mobile phone and then try to save on its accessories? When there is such a huge price difference between the original brand products and their alternatives, it is something to think about.

The magnetic charger for iPhone has an official price of 45 euros. It is a product with very good ratings, but a whim if we take into account that we can do practically the same thing by plugging the charger into its normal outlet. In the LIDL store, there is a magnetic charger that promises to do the same as Apple’s MagSafe for only ten euros. Where is the catch?

Apple accessories have a very high price

Is the LIDL charger very cheap or is the Apple MagSafe very expensive? Well, rather it is the second. Those from Cupertino have developed a large ecosystem around their products. Using proprietary technologies allows them to a certain extent charge a supplement when the customer searches for official accessories. There is nothing more to see than the price of a simple official Lightning cable is exorbitant if we compare it with other brands that are even capable of making better quality cables than Apple.

Therefore, it is not that the LIDL charger is very cheap, but that Apple charges a good margin for its product.

LIDL charger is not that powerful

The overpriced Apple charger is not so negative after all. In both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, the LIDL charger has a 7.5 watt power. It is more than enough to charge the phone’s battery, but we will not have a fast charge. The official model has a 12-watt charge, allowing the battery to recharge in less time. This difference is already more than enough to justify the purchase of the official MagSafe for iPhone.

Is it worth it then?

It depends on your budget and the use you are going to give the charger. If you are going to give it a very sporadic use, the LIDL one will work for you. But if you plan to use it as main chargerit is recommended that you do with the official model.

Moreover, at this very moment, the official MagSafe charger is of offer on Amazon for 32 euros. Therefore, the difference with respect to the LIDL loader no longer seems so exaggerated. If you had doubts, this is a good time to get this accessory.

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