Why isn’t Debian always the best Linux we can install?

Here we find an interesting alternative, which despite not being the most widely used, it is one of the most loved globally. Moreover, for many this Linux distribution is the most representative for several reasons. And it is considered as the mother of many others that are currently on everyone’s lips, as for example happens with Ubuntu.

We already told you before that it is one of the oldest Linux distributions since it was released in 1993. As a curiosity we will tell you that before this we can mention Slackware and SUSE which were launched in 1992. It is also worth knowing that its developers have recently released version 11 to somehow try to overshadow the new Microsoft operating system. But despite all the benefits Debian presents to us from the outset, it is not always the most recommended distro. We are going to mention some of the reasons for all this in these same lines.

Perhaps that is precisely where this alternative to LinuxDespite being one of the best known and veteran, it is not the most used. That does not mean that it is neither better nor worse than the rest, everything will depend on the type of use and the users who want to start working with it.

Debian installation and startup is more complex

One of the main objectives of the developers of the different Linux distros is to facilitate the use of their projects. This is something that is especially interesting for those users who wish to migrate from Windows to one of these proposals. However, if we focus on the case we are talking about now, Debian, it cannot be said that it is the easiest distribution to install and put into operation.

This can be a serious stumbling block for those who do not have some experience with these types of open source operating systems. Therefore, we can say that this is not the best alternative for novice Linux users.

Problems with free drivers and software repositories

Another of the main problems faced by the developers of these distributions is the compatibility with the drivers of the PC components. There are distributions that have solved this better than others, and Debian it is not characterized by it. In fact, some users face this same problem when installing the operating system for the first time on their computers.

This inconvenience means that it will be the users themselves who will later have to try to solve this failure with the free drivers. Therefore, it can also become a serious inconvenience for those who do not have much experience in these conflicts.

It is also worth knowing that one of the priorities of Debian developers is their stability and reliability. Therefore, on some occasions we may find that the software in your repository is not up to date. The main reason for all this is to avoid possible failures and bugs that can be found in the latest versions of this software.

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