Why isn’t the Studio Display worth buying in 2023?

The Studio Display is the “inexpensive” monitor that came on the market to become the ideal complement to the Mac Studio, Mac mini and MacBooks. However, it aroused much criticism for its value for money, especially in a market as saturated and competitive as the monitor market. Therefore, in this article, we are going to analyze the reasons why this first generation Studio Display is not worth buying.

The price

The most obvious of all is the price, The device is priced at around 1,700 euros, a very high price for most users, especially if they analyze the market and find other monitors at a much cheaper price, and that they can even buy two for the price of one, a key aspect for graphic designers or people who run code and who allow them to work with several monitors on a day-to-day basis.

Studio display apple

For example, currently There are very cheap alternatives on the market. like the Samsung M8 and the Huawei Mateview, two very interesting monitors that cost half the price. Currently, I have the Samsung M8 monitor, which I bought thinking about its price with the bad taste of not having the display studio. After several months of use, the monitor has convinced me and I see it even once Better option than the Studio Display, since it offers me exactly what I need.

Limited ergonomic adjustments

A monitor of this price has to offer all possible benefits without adding additional costs. Specifically, we refer to VESA mounting bracket or the Apple adjustable stand. The latter are sold separately and will further increase the cost, exceeding 2,000 euros.

Some monitors from other brands offer supports with more flexibility adjustment settings, which can allow the screen to be raised or lowered, rotated from side to side, or even rotated 90 degrees for a portrait display mode. Apple does not include this, being a handicap for a large part of its users. Finally, neither includes nanotextured glass, which includes an additional postage to the already very high price.

A low-end camera

The Apple Studio Display features a integrated camera Dubbed “Center Stage,” this has some cool features, like the ability to automatically follow the person as you move during a video call.

studio display 4

Her problem is that the image is usually enough for video calls and similar uses, but it does not have a professional capacity, being a step behind with monitor cameras of similar price and lower range monitors.

It is true that Apple gives the solution of connect your iPhone and use the camera of the phone from the Cupertino company. However, it is laughable that a device of that price needs a complement.

No true HDR or brightness

The Studio Display includes the HDR Technology, which is a technology that allows a wider range of colors to be displayed and a greater contrast between the light and dark areas of an image. However, specialized critics have pointed out that it does not provide a “real” or “true” HDR. This is because its maximum brightness, an important factor in achieving good HDR performance, is not as high as other HDR monitors.

Finally, we have to highlight the glow, which does not reach the highest levels of brightness on the market. It is true that it can display HDR content, but it is not capable of displaying it with the same color intensity or contrast as a true HDR monitor.

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