Why Many Wi-Fi Networks Can Be Vulnerable

We are surrounded by a lot of Wi-Fi networks almost constantly. Now, are they all safe? The truth is that there are some factors that can make them vulnerable and can be exploited by a third party. This, beyond allowing the entry of intruders, can pose a problem for the security and privacy of the users who connect to them. We are going to explain why this can happen and in this way avoid it.

Many wireless networks are exploitable

A recent report by Ido Hoorvitch showed that approximately 70% of Tel Aviv’s Wi-Fi networks in Israel are vulnerable. This includes both home networks as well as small office and business networks. This, although the percentage may vary, we can perfectly extrapolate it to Spain, to environments that surround us.

But why can they be unsafe wireless networks? Different factors come into play here, as we shall see. One of them is the use of passwords. It is essential to have a password to avoid intruders on the Wi-Fi. Ultimately, it is the main security barrier. But of course, it is not always safe.

Have a weak key, such as the same one that comes from the factory or putting one that contains words or digits that are easy to remember, is what can allow an attacker to exploit that network and access it with the necessary tools and knowledge.

Another very important problem is that there are many outdated routers. Any device can suffer vulnerabilities, but these flaws are usually corrected by the manufacturers themselves through patches and updates. But of course, if we don’t install these new versions we won’t be able to correct them. Therein lies the problem, since we are surrounded by routers that can even take years without updating.

On the other hand, an also essential point is the encryption type that we are using. Today the strongest and most reliable are WPA-2 and WPA-3. However many users, especially those with older routers, still use some outdated and insecure ciphers, such as WEP. It is very important to avoid this, as it could enable intruders to enter.

Wi-Fi repeaters security

Protecting the router is vital for network security

It is true that we must protect any device. For example, have a good antivirus on the computer or mobile, in addition to other programs such as a firewall or extensions for the browser that help to improve security. But if there is something essential, it is to keep the router secure.

Therefore we must avoid these errors that we have shown. We must always have a password to access the device itself, in addition to the Wi-Fi network, that is totally safe. Also have it updated with the latest firmware version or use a current encryption that really protects us.

In another article we talked extensively about what to do to avoid attacks on the router. As we have indicated, it is an essential piece for the connections to work correctly and any mistake we make, any mistake in the configuration or fringe that we leave and make it unprotected, can affect us.

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