Why OneDrive gives 5 GB free to some, 15 GB to others and 30 GB to others

When OneDrive was unlimited …

There was a time when OneDrive offered a lot more free storage space than it does now. At the beginning of time, Microsoft offered all users 15 GB free just for having an account Outlook mail, just like Google does. It also offered Microsoft 365 users unlimited storage in the cloud, and allowed to increase this space for free by performing certain tasks.

However, users began to abuse Microsoft and unlimited storage, putting hundreds of TB in a single account. This is not profitable for Microsoft, and as is the case whenever people start abusing a service, the company was forced to limit its cloud storage.

Right now, Microsoft 365 “only” offers 1 TB of additional storage to each account (up to 6 email accounts), and free storage has been limited to 5 GB. However, the most loyal users who signed up for OneDrive early on will be able to keep their 15GB for free. And, if they have activated the camera album in the app, they can still use the Additional 15 GB of courtesy. Even if space was obtained by referral (get others to sign up through our link) we will be able to get up to an additional 10 GB.

This is left in:

  • 5GB – New OneDrive users.
  • 15GB – Old OneDrive users or new users who have brought in 20 other users via referral links.
  • 25 GB: old users who have brought another 20 users through referral links.
  • 30 GB – Old users who activated the camera album in the past.
  • 40GB: the maximum free. Old users (15) who activated the camera album (15) and have brought 20 new users to the platform (10).

In addition, Microsoft 365 users have 1 TB of additional space (adds to the free space) to use as we want. And if we run out of space, we can further expand that storage space by purchasing additional space packs.

How much is the most free I can get right now?

Now that OneDrive has gained popularity, Microsoft has removed the promotions that allowed you to get more free space in your cloud. Therefore, if we create a new Microsoft Account, we will only have 5 GB of free space inside the cloud.

The camera album promotion, and other similar promotions, are no longer available, so it is not possible to get those 15 GB for free. But what we can do is invite another 20 friends to get the additional 10 GB promotional. For each friend who registers through our link we will get an additional 0.5 GB. And that space will be ours forever.

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