Why PLCs Are Better Than Wi-Fi Repeaters

PLCs upgrade repeaters

Both PLCs and Wi-Fi repeaters have common goals. Your mission is power take the connection further and that we can connect from another room, for example. In this way, the signal reaches better, the speed is higher and there is more stability. However, in both cases there is going to be a loss and it will not be like being directly connected to the router within a few inches.

But that Signal loss It is less in PLC devices and that makes repeaters improve in this regard. A Wi-Fi repeater connects to the router wirelessly and forwards the signal to other devices. It acts as a bridge and achieves that distances can be shortened.

However, PLC devices are connected through the electrical wiring. This means that there is less loss of connection when we connect very far from the router. Of course, it is necessary that the network cable is in good condition and also does not come to connect us through a strip.

Therefore, PLCs are undoubtedly going to have less loss simply because they are wired together. A Wi-Fi repeater, even if it can boost the signal, will always lose something when connecting to the router.

PLC Fritz!  510E

Farther away, more problems

Logically the difference is accentuated when the distance increases. If, for example, we need to connect to the Internet within 20 meters of the router, the Wi-Fi repeater can help but there will still be a loss of speed. If instead of 20 meters it is 25 or 30, the problem increases more.

It is especially in these cases, when we are going to connect very far from the router, when the use of PLC devices is more important. There we will have a better coverage and we can also connect other devices by cable, beyond just Wi-Fi.

This is interesting if, for example, we want to connect a ethernet cable tv and we are interested in maintaining the maximum speed to be able to play videos in 4K without interruptions. By having PLC devices near the television, we will be able to connect the device by cable and not have the loss of capacity that we would have if we connect it to a repeater that already has a loss of signal. You can see a list of PLC devices that work well.

In short, PLC devices are a very interesting alternative to Wi-Fi repeaters to improve the Internet signal. Now, it is important to correctly choose the device that interests us. For example, it is convenient to see if it allows us to connect by cable and Wi-Fi, as well as the maximum speed at which they work. This could be a limitation if they do not have the characteristics we want to be able to connect to the network.

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