Why should I save my backups to an external disk

Despite all this, probably because it is not a comfortable or fast process, many of the users who work with sensitive information, discard these backup. In addition, we must bear in mind that at this time we have a huge number of programs and software solutions that will be very helpful in these tasks. At the same time, you have to know that the effectiveness of the creation time of these copies will depend on the data included.

These programs that we are talking about offer us a huge number of functions that help us to customize backups to the max. This extends to both its operating mode, items to save, periodicity, start-up time, etc. Even the industry’s leading desktop operating system, Windows, has its own backup functionality. However, users are generally quite reluctant to the benefits of this functionality.

On the contrary, all those who are a bit more cautious, try to keep a backup copy of a good part of their data in an up-to-date way. This means that they carry out the process from time to time completely, or make incremental backups as they are included. new files on your PC drives. But in order to get the most out of these elements, we should carry them out correctly.

Store your backups on an external drive

The first thing we have to do is configure the programs that we discuss in the best way depending on our needs. For example, specifying the folders that we want to add to the copy. In the same way, the most advisable thing is use external drives to store these backups. First of all, the main reason for this is that we should never save a backup on the same hard drive where we have the operating system. And is that, if a problem occurs in this unit and we cannot access it, we would also lose a security element.

Therefore, and to avoid taking risks, the best we can do is use an external hard drive in which to save these backup copies. And that’s not all, but, as it is a mobile device, we can save it to another location in case the disaster affects our entire workplace. These types of somewhat more extreme movements are carried out especially in business environments. That way we have two different copies of all our PC content in different places for greater security.

At the same time, these external disk drives allow us to connect them comfortably to any other computer to access your content in seconds. This allows us to recover that backup in a very short time in the event that a serious problem has happened with the original unit. As this is also extended to the popular USB memories that we surely have in our possession.

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