Why should I use the Epic Games Cart before buying a game?

Even without reaching the functionality, far from it, offered by the client of the Steam game store, that of the Epic Games Store continues to grow. This is something that is gradually achieved thanks to the updates that its developer sends us and that improves the user experience.

One of the latest novelties that arrived a few weeks ago was a functionality that many users had been asking for for a long time. Specifically, we are referring to something as common in other stores as the shopping cart. Sometimes we are not aware of the importance of certain functions that programs and platforms offer us, until we do not have them. This cart we are talking about is a regular item in most internet stores, place where we accumulate the products that we want to acquire for their final purchase.

However, as you can imagine, if this function is not available, the virtual shopping experience is much worse. This is precisely what we want to talk about below why the use of this cart in the Epic Games Store is so important. Precisely from its importance come the complaints and requests that users of this website have made over time. pc game store.

We imagine that, for this reason, it is why the managers of the store have finally decided to implement the functionality. In fact, in these same lines we will talk about the advantages that you find when doingr cart use in play store. First of all, it must be said that you find it at the top of the main client interface.

Advantages of using the Cart on the Epic Games Store

At this point we will tell you that one of the main advantages that this element offers us is the possibility of accumulating several purchases. Before its arrival a few weeks ago we had to buy the games in the Epic Games Store one by one. However, at this point we can accumulate multiple titles in the aforementioned cart to make the payment later.

In the same way, we will also have the possibility of backing down if we decide discard any of the selected products before purchase. This means that, if we have accumulated several games in the cart, before completing the purchase we can discard those that do not interest us, either due to interest or price.

Although it seems basic, we did not have this possibility in the game store just a few weeks ago. To what has been said, we can also add the fact that, from this element, instead of definitively eliminating the added games, we can postpone their purchase by moving them directly to the wish list.

Moreover, from the same functionality we will have the possibility of get additional information about the titles that we have added here. That way we can see the current discount applied, access its description page and see the taxes that we are going to pay for it. Keep in mind that the games added to the cart have an expiration date that is specified as the end of sale in the function window itself.

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