Why the Apple Watch Series 7 screen is the way it is

At the same time that Apple presented the new MacBook Pro, the new Apple Watch Series 7 was also presented in society. What is special about this new watch, are not the new functions or better sensors to increase its ability to analyze the health of the user . What makes it special is a slightly larger screen than the other models. The why of that screen and something else, two vice presidents in charge of its design and execution have told it.

Alan Dye, Vice President of Interface, and Stan Ng, Vice President of Product Marketing, They recently met with CNET to explain some of the adjustments that Apple made to its watchOS platform to adapt to the larger screen of the Apple Watch Series 7. In passing they told us and let us know why of that larger screen and how it has been played with the edges to be more functional.

One of the main reasons Apple increased the screen size on the new portable device was to facilitate the reading of the text from the point of view of accessibility. Likewise, the slightly curved edges of the new Apple Watch Series 7 create a subtle enveloping effect. Through slightly redesigned glass, Apple has been able to create more of a dome shape on the new model, which actually also contributed to increased durability and thicker display glass.

Once we started playing around with this new glass and screen, that’s where all those subtle design decisions were made to push those marks to the edge of the screen. to highlight some of these effects

However. So much effort they have put into the clock, it does not prevent them from saying that at the moment it is still only a complement to the iPhone, according to Dye:

I think many of those core values ‚Äč‚Äčaround how we manage to watch the news remain the same. Even though we can allow more content on the screen, we still see it as a visible, smaller and shorter interaction type of product compared to something like a phone or certainly an iPad.

There was also time to explain to the rest of the users why won’t there be a third-party store that can bring spheres to the new screen:

As important as hardware is to playing the role that sets Apple Watch apart as Apple Watch, we believe that watch faces also play a pretty big role. Which is why we’ve been so careful over the years, despite the wide variety, to have a lot of consistent design elements. If you look closely, the hands of the clock are always drawn exactly the same way, even though they are displayed in different colors. We think we struck a really good balance.

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