why the encyclopedia before Wikipedia failed

At the moment we have Internet in most of the current equipment and devices to carry out all kinds of queries. However, this was not always the case, a few years ago, it can already be counted for decades, the computers we had at home did not have a connection. This means that we had to use certain software solutions when it came to informing ourselves and extracting all kinds of data that we can find online today in a matter of seconds.

the bulky paper encyclopedias that many of us had in the living room decorating the furniture, gave way to the modern, at the time, digital encyclopedias. This was a very successful software sector at the time that was commanded by what could be considered the quintessential digital encyclopedia, Microsoft’s Encarta. This is a product that, as we have mentioned before, marked an era both at a professional level and focused on teaching.

Many were able to put aside the enormous multi-volume encyclopedias, encompassing all that knowledge in one CD only. Obviously, technology here represented an important advance in this regard. We tell you all this because the aforementioned Encarta encyclopedia that the software giant offered us at the time, is just 30 years old today.

What was the reason for the disappearance of Encarta

It must be said that this software was released a March 22, 199330 years ago today. Here we could find tens of thousands of articles translated into many languages. At the same time, the Encarta put at our disposal data of all kinds, photos, maps and even mini-games. The latter served so that the children could also use the encyclopedia and learn in a more entertaining and interactive way.

Likewise, in version 98 virtual museums were added using 3D graphics in order to be able to virtually visit these cultural places. To give us an idea of ​​the importance it had at the time, the software was receiving updates up to 2009. But the advent of the Internet and all its sources of information, including Wikipediathey managed to make the use of the Encarta drop dramatically until it disappeared.

It goes without saying that the digital version of this universal encyclopedia to which we can access for free and which also does not stop growing, Wikipedia, made Encarta remain in the background. Just like this digital encyclopedia was the cause of the decline of paper encyclopedias, Wikipedia and the Internet caused a huge drop in regular users of this Microsoft software.

Despite the revolution caused by this Microsoft encyclopedia, technology advances, usually for the better, and after the growth of the Internet, this encyclopedia, generally for local use, became outdated.

It may be the case that at this moment you want to take a look back and remember old times by reinstalling this encyclopedia on our current computers.

encarta 98

For this we can use an ISO that the popular Internet archive offers us, where you will find version 98 of the Encarta encyclopedia in Spanish.

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