Why the PS5 hack doesn’t mean anything yet

It is a custom that has haunted us in the world of video games since time immemorial, practically since consoles had an internal operating system and hackers Security cracking tools developed by SEGA, Nintendo, Microsoft or, as in this case, Sony. The point is that PlayStation 5 has been hacked, although now it only remains to see the importance it will have in the near future.

A hack that goes no further

As we say, affirming that a console has been hacked It is not something that happens every day, because it means that the first stone is being placed to build on that security hole that they have exploited. a more ambitious building that happens, obviously, to have the possibility of loading games unsigned. In other words, the doors would be opened to being able to download a release from the PlayStation Store, for example, and execute it without the permission of the Japanese.

Now, the fact that we are in the first meters of that path does not mean that PS5 is going to load those games overnight because, as they explain in some pages where what has been achieved in the last hours around that jailbreak from the console, it is still not possible to execute any code. Which makes it irrelevant for a user who wants to fill his console with pirated video games.

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The PlayStation 5 has been jailbroken.

October 03, 2022 • 04:57

What the teams working in the jailbreak of PS5 has been bust firmware 4.03 console to, as those responsible affirm, allow “this exploit give us read/write access, but not execute! This means that there is no possibility to load and execute binaries at this time […] However, the current implementation enables the debug configuration.”

Would you hack your console?

As we tell you, all the consoles that have reached the market over the last 22 years have suffered exploit of all kinds, to a greater or lesser extent and according to its popularity, but in the case of PS5 there are several scenarios that make it virtually impossible for an average user to be inclined to crack the software of your machine: on the one hand there is the scarcity of consoles that would prevent that in case of bricking we have a replacement quickly (and an error code practically instantly), and for another that the online video game ecosystem prevents us from trying something like this.

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It is known by all that when an operating system of a console like this is exploited, the first victim is access to the digital store and online services, which automatically disconnects us from the whole world. Sony controls what requirements a PS5 must meet to enter the PlayStation Store, or PlayStation Network, and a modified machine does not have too many ballots to sneak in without being noticed, something that would presumably lead to an instant ban of the associated PSN account.

So for now it is very good to stay with the headline that “PS5 has been hacked”. But today, in what really affects us users, it is as much as affirming that with it we could land on Mars.

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