Why the risk management job market is booming

The risk management job market It has become very fashionable. The reason: the current moment, led by the imminent economic recession, the regulatory landscape and the geopolitical uncertainty.

Being prepared for climate change, digital transformation, geopolitical risk, threats to the global supply chain, and issues related to cybercrime, data protection, and privacy is a top priority for many organizations. nowadays.

Related to this context, Sandra Alba, manager in the Finance division of robert waltersa global search and selection consultancy specializing in middle management, managers and executives, explains how the need to be prepared for a volatile and changing future has caused the demand for risk managers to peak in recent months.

What does a risk manager do in his day to day?

“A risk manager is the professional who is aware of what could go wrong within an organization. Therefore, he must take into account how any change in business objectives can affect and what actions must be carried out to solve a problem, as well as its consequences ”describes Sandra.

One of the most important responsibilities of a risk manager is to analyze risk indicators and determine whether it could result in the exposure of confidential corporate information, financial loss, or damage to company assets.

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Reporting in most cases to the Chief Risk Office (CRO), the risk manager is in charge of planning, designing and implementing a company’s risk plan. Depending on its size, risk managers focused on different areas such as credit, operations or digital security can collaborate on the same team.

What has a risk manager trained in?

In general terms, the specialist search and selection consultancy Robert Walters states that the majority of risk managers seeking to change jobs have completed a master in finance, economics or Business Management. It is worth noting the figure of the IT Security Risk Manager, who usually stands out for studying master’s degrees in the field of technology.

“Although it is not mandatory, many companies value having a certificate in risk management, since it is a confirmation of specialization and knowledge in the area”declares Sandra Alba.

What are the most sought after skills and abilities in a risk manager?

A Although there has always been a need for risk manager profiles in companies, in recent months there has been a considerable increase on their demand.

“Faced with the forecast of an economic crisis, many financial institutions and financial services companies are strengthening their risk teams, for which the role of a risk manager is essential to coordinate and manage the department’s projects. This translates into a greater demand for profiles with high strategic capacity, tolerance to work under pressure and bargaining power to present the plans to the company’s board of directors.”analyzes Sandra Alba, Manager at the Finance division of Robert Walters.

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