Why there are fewer HomeKit accessories than other brands

Apple created several years ago a system with which to manage all home automation devices through an application. But it doesn’t have as wide a variety of products as other developers can offer. In addition, the price is usually somewhat higher, but it is possible that this will change in the coming months and in this post we will tell you the reasons.

In 2014, Apple developed an operating system with which you can manage all the devices in your smart home. Thanks to the application called Casa, which you can find in the App Store, you will be able to control everything that happens both in your home and in your second residence from your iPhone or iPad. For this, you will only have to synchronize the devices that you have bought to the app and with that you will be able to manage them as you please. There are a lot of gadgets with which you can make your home a smart home. However, most accessories are priced much higher than similar ones designed for other brands.

Although there are many manufacturers to buy home automation accessories, the price is usually much higher than for other home automation operating systems. There are several reasons why the price can go up, one of them is that for products to be compatible with HomeKit, they have to go through a parallel testing phase. Another reason that makes the price of the products higher is that Apple has agreements with some brands, but it does not reach as many as other software of this type. This makes the market somewhat smaller, there are fewer products to buy and therefore their price rises.

HomeKit accessories are more expensive, at the moment

However, a few days ago the launch of Matter, although the initiative originated in 2019 when the creation of the ‘Project Connected Home over IP’ (CHIP) alliance was advanced. At that time, the technology giants agreed so that their different products could work with each other without problems. Among the members of this initiative, which now materializes in Matter, are Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and other companies such as IKEA, Signify, Somfy or the Zigbee Alliance. At WWDC last Monday it was announced that they were going to have this update, which will make it possible to use many more devices at a much lower price than what we were used to.

matter cover

Matter is a universal connection protocol that can be used by devices that support it to work on all kinds of platforms. In this way, if for example you buy a smart light bulb, you don’t have to worry if it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and other ecosystems. So, as long as it is compatible with Matter, we are guaranteed to work on any platform.

What would this mean for end users? well what It would not matter what brand the device, appliance or television that we buy. All of them will work in unison being interconnected with each other. In addition, the fact that it is independent of the WiFi standard will make the connection between devices much more stable and efficient.

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