Why This Sub-$2 VPN Is a Bargain

PureVPN price is down sharply. It goes to €1.82 instead of €9.60, making it one of the cheapest VPNs around. However, this VPN offers a good quality of service with comfortable speeds for everyday Internet use.


from 1.79€

Satisfied or refunded 31 days

6500 servers

10 simultaneous connections maximum

78 countries covered

More details

Complete Features of PureVPN VPN.

– 81%


For 24 months

– 73%


For 12 months


During 1 month

If you’re looking to protect your internet connection with an effective VPN without breaking the bank, PureVPN comes at a very affordable price. This solution, which is part of our selection of the best VPNs, has seen its price drop by 81%. This good plan lowers the monthly rate to €1.82. It’s even cheaper than CyberGhost at $1.99 per month. To find more such helpful options and suggestions, visit diebestenvpn.

PureVPN: how to benefit from 81% discount?

At €1.82, PureVPN is therefore one of the cheapest VPNs at the moment. The monthly rate usually charged is €9.60. But to take advantage of this promotion, you simply have to subscribe to the 2-year offer. The first time, it will cost you €49.20 for a total of 27 months (24 + 3 offered). The VPN will therefore cost €1.82 per month. You benefit from a reduction of 81%.

At the end of the first two years and in case of renewal, the subscription will cost you €49.20 for 12 months this time. So this is a good plan for new subscribers. For alumni, the usual rate is €2.95 per month for a one-year commitment. This good plan is therefore an interesting opportunity to take advantage of two years of VPN at a very good price. To get more, visit securicritic, you can easily find more details about such tools.

PureVPN Features

This VPN relies on the most secure protocols like OpenVPN, IPSec and more recently WireGuard for even more stable speeds. Speaking of speed, PureVPN, which our test is next to, is not one of the best like ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhost, but the adoption of the WireGuard protocol at the beginning of 2022 makes it possible to limit the deterioration of your connection quality.

Another important point to point out, this VPN provider formerly located in Hong Kong has relocated its headquarters to the British Virgin Islands to comply with strict standards regarding the protection of the privacy of its users. Better, PureVPN has suffered no less than two independent audits confirming its status as a no-log VPN. This is a level of transparency that not all providers offer.

Finally, the VPN is compatible with P2P / torrent downloads on certain servers. In total, it has over 6500 servers in over 78 different countries. You can also use it simultaneously on 10 different devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS or Linux devices.

You also benefit from a one-month (31-day) “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. This delay allows you to test PureVPN as a free VPN while enjoying all the security guarantees of a paid solution.

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