Why Timothée Chalamet is the perfect Wonka after Johnny Depp

Wilder is eternal for many reasons, including Wonka, and Johnny Depp nailed the role in 2005 (in the Depp style, yes, but the truth is that it is the most salvageable of the film). However, Timothée is the ideal actor right now for these 3 reasons.

1. He has a huge talent

To each his own. Some people already joke that every new movie trailer has Chalamet in one of its frames. It is true that it is everywhere and that at El Output we are always on the side of the joke, but the truth is that the popularity is deserved.

His talent as an actor is undeniable And, if we want a Wonka to match, we need an actor who is capable of the most complex.

Chalamet looks like that actor. When his popularity exploded in 2017, critical acclaim and awards, such as the Independent Spirit Award, in addition to nominations such as that of Critics’ Choice Award to the best young actor. His role as Elio Perlman in Call me by your name it was the start of hurricane Chalamet.

Since then, Timothée seems incapable of doing anything wrong.

His records range from the stoic Paul Atreides to Dune, raised to lead, even a teenager addicted to goal in the drama Beautiful Boy. In this character, he already realized a difficult relationship with his father, just like Wonka.

Burton added details to that background in his film, such as that this father, Wilburg Wonka, was a dentist obsessed with cavities, who traumatized his son with the impossibility of having him taste any candy or chocolate. That causes Wonka to rebel and leave home, announcing his intention to become a candy maker.

Hopefully the movie Wonka focus on that stage and that, although Chalamet has said that he will not focus on a dark tone and Burtonian, after the eccentricity of chocolatier the enigmatic and complex features will emerge of the character. If anyone can achieve that, it is certainly Chalamet.

2. Is willing to learn anything to do the best possible role

Chalamet in Call me by your name

Warner has already said that Wonka it will be a musical. If it’s complete in style The Miserables or with frequent numbers like La, La, LandWe don’t know yet, but it doesn’t matter. Chalamet does not lose his rings for testing his capabilities and limits as an actor, learning new things and, above all, that he succeeds.

On Call me by your name learned to speak Italian, in addition to playing the piano and guitar, with what we already know that the musical is good for him.

In fact, he is so capable of doing everything perfectly, that he too became a meme of success, something essential in these times.

3. He has the ideal physique to embody Wonka

As it is, Depp did well to Wonka because he’s probably Wonka in real life too. In this case, Chalamet, both for talent and physiognomy, is another perfect choice for this role, taking into account that it will have a origin story.

Have ideal age and physique, so no deaging horrible, or pretend 30-year-olds still go to high school.

Perhaps we are raising expectations too much, but for those who have a fondness for the character and the story, the choice of Timothée Chalamet for Wonka seems ideal.

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