Why trade a Ferrari for a Twingo?

There are games that, for whatever reason, become part of that collective imagination that places them on top of a pedestal and remains there for decades without anyone daring to contradict the majority. Golden Eye 007 It’s Rare’s work. A Rare in a state of grace for those years when it was owned by Nintendo and that on many occasions has threatened to return. Now it is a reality and we ask ourselves the million dollar question: is it really such a big deal?

GoldenEye 007 and the memories

Nobody is going to take away goldeneye 007 his place in the Olympus of video games. Originally appeared in 1997, it came to improve the panorama of shooter recreating one of the most memorable James Bond movies. A conspiracy that had as its protagonist a satellite system capable of destroying targets on Earth from space in the blink of an eye.

Golden Eye 007 belongs to the time of the shooter which are currently unplayable because they don’t use two sticks to move the character and control the camera, so the latter had to be done with buttons, which had a Nintendo 64 gamepad that was picked up (remember) from the central piece to use the famous analog stick. Quite an advance for the time.

Now, the fact that in 1997 we managed as necessary to enjoy this game and that at the time it overwhelmed us with its “realism” and all the other “-isms” that you can think of, does not justify that we have had to suffer the turra of those who have been crying out for the return of this game. Given how we have Nintendo 64 emulators and increasingly powerful computers, why would anyone spend time on some kind of remastering? Well they have.

It has aged long and badly

I must say in advance that I am a lover of vintage. Much. I have and collect all the consoles and computers that have appeared in Spain since the late 70s, but if there is a time that I do not have special affection for, it is the early days of 3D. Saving PSX and Saturn, both Nintendo 64 and later PS2 were responsible for countless attacks playable where the 3D environments were frigid, empty and lifeless.

Watch the trailer for GoldenEye 007 has reminded me that those corridors of the secret facilities could perfectly well be those of a hospital or a residence. It does not matter. The gesture of the enemies is null, they are all like totems that barely move and just wait for us to shoot them. If you lived great moments with this Rare success in the 90s, I envy you because you know how to value something that already seemed to me an unbearable cartridge at the time. And he is not the only one: the turok They also gave me a similar feeling.

As we tell you, love the vintage doesn’t make us all have to jump through the hoops of saying that Golden Eye 007 is a great release now in 2023. It is further confirmation that some games should just stay in memory, improving like good wine and stop trying to rediscover them because we will find many, many flaws. And with what we have on us with that (apparently) superb Atomic Heart, change at this point a Ferrari for a Twingo … like I do not feel like it.

By the way, did he tell you that he was trolling you? long live the shooter that changed the course of the genre on consoles (wink, wink).

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