Why was Record of Ragnarok removed from Netflix India?

Record of Ragnarok (Shūmatsu no Valkyrie), the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name Takumi Fukui is Shinya Uemura which landed on Netflix on June 17th, suddenly disappeared from the streaming catalog of Netflix India.

Just one day after its debut, the Indian division of the streaming giant was forced to remove all the episodes of the first season due to some harsh criticisms raised by the Indian public at the representation of the god Shiva.

That’s why Record of Ragnarok was removed from Netflix India

The story of Record of Ragnarok is centered on the clash between God and Humanity, also known as “Ragnarok”, a battle where all the gods of the world and the bravest of men oppose each other to decide, in the best of 13 different challenges, if humanity is worthy of survival or must be exterminated.

But why was Record of Ragnarok removed from Netflix India?

Zeus, Buddha, Poseidon and many other divinities are among the protagonists of the anime but, apparently the Indian public did not like the representation that was made of Shiva, one of the most important divine figures of Hinduism. Shiva was portrayed as a physically strong but fundamentally crude and ignorant god.

Rajan Zed, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, pointed out how the manga and anime have misrepresented Hindu mythology in many ways and the portrayal of Shiva as a muscular, creepy-looking fighter provides a misguided impression to the global audience.

Record of Ragnarok was thus removed from the Netflix India catalog and the promotional trailers in which Shiva appeared were also modified.

Given the decisive censorship that hit the anime, it is unlikely that it will return to being available in India, since it seems unlikely that Graphinica, the studio that took care of the animations, will modify the entire anime.

Plot of Record of Ragnarok – Shūmatsu no Valkyrie

7 million years of human civilization are about to end … Every 1000 years, all the Gods of the world gather in heaven to participate in the “Conference for the Survival of Humanity”.

All the Gods agree to end humanity due to their past foolish actions, but before the final verdict is passed, Brunhild, the eldest of the 13 Valkyrie sisters makes an objection: “To spice things up, why don’t you test the humans?”

His proposal was to have the final fight between God and Humanity, also known as “Ragnarok”, where all the gods of the world and the champions of all human history clash 1 to 1. The first team to win 7 out of 13 battles will be the winner. It seems almost impossible for humans to win against the gods. Although the gods mock them, Brunhild makes one more provocation: “Are you pulling back?”

This touches the nerves of the gods and they accept his proposal with anger. Brunhild and her sisters must therefore choose 13 of the strongest champions in human history. Will humans be able to overcome the gods and stop at the final end?

The eschatological battles between heaven and earth have finally begun!

In Italy, the manga by Record of Ragnarok (Shūmatsu no Valkyrie), of which you can read our review, is published by Edizioni Star Comics.

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