why was the game inaccessible last night? Explanations

The Fortnite battle royale was unplayable, then inaccessible, for several hours last night. Explanations of what happened.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. Bringing together nearly 350 million players, the battle royale has established itself in the world of service games, even becoming an example to follow for certain other studios. However, it is not free from breaking down, and it was proven again last night. For several long hours, the players could not access the game. If the online servers have been restored, we are reviewing the situation.

Connection, matchmaking, lag, crash, etc.

The problems encountered by the players in the evening ranged from the inability to connect, to matchmaking issues, through various bugs observed in-game. These were quickly reported by players, and Epic Games, after a few minutes, took charge, forcing emergency maintenance to fix the issue.

In total, the outage lasted more than 8 hours, which is quite significant for such an imposing global game. You should know that the failure has potentially affected ten million players around the world.

The causes of such unplayability can often stem from several factors. The first is maintenance ordered by Epic Games. However, the studio quickly denied this possibility, and, moreover, nothing had been announced in this direction. The second possibility is that of a server failure, which would have been quite significant given the time it took for the game to resume. The third and final possibility is a hacker attack, still affecting the servers.

Information still unclear

At this time, Epic Games has yet to disclose the reasons for this blackout. However, the possibility of an attack can certainly be ruled out. This kind of event can turn out to be rather serious and the studio would have had no choice but to warn the players. An outage linked to the large number of connections also seems unlikely, although the studio saw an increase in its visits during the holiday season, surely due to the consoles which were offered at Christmas.

For the moment, we are therefore still awaiting official information from Epic Games. However, for the problem to last nearly 8 hours, it must likely be a concern either very important or new to the studio, which must have acted in uncertainty and the unknown.

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