Why watchOS betas are dangerous

Although really the quintessential beta period is lived every summer, now we continue to find Apple operating system betas such as watchOS. Specifically, 8.4 is the one currently under development. However, a piece of advice that is valid at any time of the year is not to install these betas without first knowing their consequences.

And, as you may have already imagined from the title, there are certain risks of installing betas on an Apple Watch. They exist in all devices, since the iPhone, iPad or Mac also involve some other difficulties. However, watchOS is the system that welcomes a greater number of peculiarities that make its installation not recommended to the general public.

Apple prevents downgrade of watchOS

While it is true that going from an iOS version to a previous one is not always easy, in the end it can be done in a more or less simple way. However, this does not happen on Apple Watch. Is impossible to go back to previous versions of watchOS forever. That is to say, it does not matter if you want to go from a stable version to a previous stable version than from a beta to the last stable one.

Without going into overly technical details about the implications of this process, the origin of this is due to how the device is programmed and the absence of ports that allow you to connect to a computer via cable. And it is precisely that you need an external computer to do a complete format and install another version and unfortunately Apple watches do not have it.

Other risks that these versions imply

You’re probably wondering why you don’t mind not being able to remove the beta once you put it in. And if we think about it objectively, it is not an eternal problem, because at some point the stable version will officially end up arriving and you will be able to exit the beta. However, the time until then can become too long.

Failed to update watchOS Apple Watch

Betas, being unstable versions, can generate problems of any type. From small bugs such as lag on certain occasions, to the inability to use some applications, excessive battery consumption or unexpected reboots. Not surprisingly, until not long ago Apple did not publish the public betas of watchOS and left only those of developers.

Therefore, even if you are curious to know the news of watchOS first-hand, we advise you not to do so. If you have a second watch, even if it is older, you could try it on that one. In the other cases, you will have to risk a malfunction and wait for the final versions to come out to fix them. We do not know if in the future there will be a way to solve this problem of not being able to go back, but today it is what we have.

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