Why you should make sure your Wi-Fi is up to date

Updating the Wi-Fi card is very important

The Wi-Fi network card firmware We can say that it is one of the sensitive points that we must always keep in good condition. This means that we must update the drivers and correct possible problems that may arise as soon as possible. At the end of the day it is essential for our day to day, to be able to surf the net.

To update it in Windows 10 we have to go to Start, we go to Device Manager, we enter Network adapters and there we select the card that interests us. You have to click the right mouse button and click Update driver.

Improve performance

Without a doubt one of the main reasons for update Wi-Fi card in our team is to improve performance. Having outdated firmware can lead to poor network speed, high latency, and trouble achieving optimal quality when browsing.

There are many factors that can influence us to have a good connection. Parameters such as the hardware we use, the equipment we have, the contracted connection will come into play here … But yes, also the wireless card drivers.

Avoid failures

Of course we can also avoid failures. An outdated firmware could cause it to malfunction. We could have certain errors that prevent us from browsing normally or from using some programs that need connectivity. We all want our internet connection to work properly without any problems. We can always see the details of the network card.

Fix security vulnerabilities

This is another of the most important points to update the Wi-Fi. Sometimes there are safety, vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and put our computers at risk. When it comes to access to the network, computers and devices that are connected, the problem can be more serious.

That is why we must always keep the firmware correctly updated. This way we will avoid that there are security gaps that can be exploited. One more way to improve safety and that in turn can also help improve smooth operation, have better speed and fewer complications.

Reduce the risk of incompatibility

It could happen that we had incompatibility issues with the Wi-Fi network card and our equipment. This can happen if for example we update Windows to a new version. There could be software-level conflicts with the Wi-Fi firmware.

This would make it necessary to update that network card and avoid incompatibility with the new version of the operating system. It is something that has happened to many users once they update their equipment with the new periodic versions that they release. Sometimes the Internet does not work after updating and this is the cause.

In short, these are some important issues for which it is convenient to have the Wi-Fi always updated. Maintaining performance, avoiding problems and of course improving security, are some of the factors that we must always bear in mind.

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