Why you shouldn’t buy Amazon’s cheapest headphones

You don’t play with audio: looking for alternatives to Amazon’s Choice

Before we start, no, we have absolutely nothing against Amazon’s Choice. In fact, this label is usually very useful when we search Amazon for a product that we have no idea about. On occasion, Amazon has gone so far as to launch its own ‘Amazon Basics’ products after information collected over the years with products that have been receiving this label, which shows that it works.

However, when we talk about headphones, things get complicated. Not everyone has a fine ear, nor do they feel as comfortable with some headphones as others, nor do they consume the same type of music. So, a product can be filled with positive comments and not be an outstanding product at all. Let’s talk a little about which headphones are the best sellers on Amazon and what better-known alternatives we could buy with similar budgets.

True Wireless: Alternative for the TOZO T10

Amazon’s best-selling wireless headset is the Tozo T10. Depending on the color, it costs about 30-33 euros. They come with their own charging case and you will never go wrong when putting them on, because the entire surface of the product has been used to display a huge L and another huge R. These headphones have more than 200,000 ratings. 62% of buyers give it 5 stars. If we filter by negative comments, we find a very common problem in cheap wireless headphones: some users report that the pair becomes unpaired and it takes a lot to connect them again. However, many users comment that they sound very good and that the microphone is of quite high quality.

What can we buy for a similar price? A good alternative would be realme Buds Air 2 Neowhich are worth about 10 euros more and have a very interesting autonomy, as well as a slightly more attractive design.

Wireless headband: Alternative for the OneOdio A70

one hate a70

Reading the comments of this model can make you smile. Some love it and tell you that it has professional quality and others hate it, because they say that they sound just like the helmets that Renfe provides. Without trying them, it is possible that the first users are using it with the headphone jack and the second ones using Bluetooth. In addition, they tend to emphasize that they are extremely uncomfortable, and only suitable for a child’s head.

With such extreme comments, it is difficult to launch. If you don’t want to play it, SonyWH-CH510 they are also marked as Amazon’s Choice and are a great option for just over 30 euros, that is, for less money. They are not professionals, but they do not pretend to be either.

With cable: Which headphones are worth it for less than 20 euros?

headphone cable minus 20 euro

Suppose you have a low budget. For approximately 10 euros, you can get the JBL T110 or with a few Chinese masks that are around the same specifications and prices.

The JBL model is not bad considering its price, but below 20 euros, if you are not going to go out with them, we recommend that you buy headband headphones instead. For this price range, Amazon recommends the Sony MDR-ZX110APB between 9.99 and 12.99 euros depending on whether we buy it white, black or pink. It is not at all a bad option considering the budget we have in hand.

However, for this same price we can get other unpronounceable Sony, the MDR-ZX310APB. The black model starts at 12.99 euros. The price goes up a little to 18 euros depending on the color you choose. They have a microphone and a reputation that they have built for a long time, so you will not be wasting your money.

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