Why you shouldn’t use parental control apps

We cannot prevent minors from connecting to the Internet, just as we cannot deprive them of new technologies. However, it is a reality that the Internet is a very dangerous place: adult pages, bets, scams, contacts… the network is full of this type of content that, if it falls into the hands of minors, can cause many problems. Therefore, one of the first ideas that comes to mind is to use a parental control program. However, it may not be as good a decision as it seems.

Parental control programs there are many today. And we can find them of many types, from based on DNSwhich filter the domains accessed by the user, specialized content blocking programswhich depending on the type of website we want to visit, or the words it contains, ends up blocked, and even antivirus with child protection functions that gives us all-in-one security. These programs not only filter content, but also allow us to keep track of what they do or don’t do on the PC, and even configure times of use, either by hours or a certain time per day.

But no matter how complete the program is, there is no perfect solution. And it is that, depending on the program that we install, there are many ways to bypass these restrictions. And then it’s like we haven’t installed anything. For example:

  • The program can be easily disabled without the need for a password.
  • You can switch user accounts and use the PC without restrictions.
  • If filtering is applied per browser, you can install another one to browse without a filter.
  • A DNS leak can be bypassed by pinging the URL, getting the IP, and entering directly from it.
  • Access websites through a proxy, which can be accessed from Google itself.

There are more and more ways to bypass parental control programs. And, a misuse of them can even be a danger rather than a help.

Only this parental control program works

If we go into the files of each of the parental control programs that we find on the net, they are all the best, and they are all perfect. But when put to the test, they all fall under their own weight. All except one. The platform AV-Comparatives has tested the main parental control programs to see how well they are able to protect users. And only one of them has passed the strict tests: Kaspersky Safe Kids.

This software is capable of filtering web content based on blacklists and whitelists. It also allows you to configure the time of use, control the applications that can or cannot be installed, force safe searches, control the minor’s activity on the network, and much more. It is very easily configured from the cloud, and the minor has no way to deactivate it without the master password, which only the adult should know. It is even capable of controlling and protecting mobile devices.

AV-Comparatives has tested this security program with 1000 adult websites. And the software has been able to block 98.6% of all these sites. This makes this program one of the most robust and efficient when it comes to protecting minors online.

Of course, there is no less protection than sitting down with the minor and talking to him about certain topics. Better that they know first-hand certain adult or disturbing topics before, sooner or later, they discover it through friends, at school, or, worse, on the Internet.

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